March 02, 2020
By Brittany Estes

Whether you are looking to streamline your registration process, better manage your onsite experience for attendees, or do away with endless Excel sheets, Cvent offers tools designed to save you time and sanity. Check out this on-demand webinar to learn how your Cvent solutions can give you back valuable hours in your day.

Discover Time-Saving Tips Across Your Event Lifecycle

Join Cvent's expert Client Success Advisors as they teach you how to streamline your pre, during, and post-event strategy. Learn how to use the Flex site designer to customize your registration site with drag-and-drop functionality. Use applied styles, copy widgets, and global themes to create stylish, modern registration sites in a flash.

During your event, discover helpful Cvent features you can use onsite. Get a first-hand look at Cvent's name badge editor and OnArrival app with dedicated planner alerts. See how you can customize these tools to gain real-time insights into attendee data.

Once your event has concluded, learn how to create quick, custom surveys to measure attendee engagement and feedback. Use Cvent's custom reports to help ROI to your stakeholders.

Looking for More Time-Saving Tips?

Cvent's time-saving tips are invaluable tools designed to help streamline your event build. Check out this on-demand webinar to learn all about these great insights and much more. 

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Brittany Estes

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