October 03, 2014
By Cvent Guest


Did this episode sound familiar? Read below, and see how you can avoid a similarly gruesome fate at your events!

The more unregistered guests, the larger the headache.

Inaccurate attendee numbers can be caused by a lot of variables, starting with people forgetting to register or deciding to bring a spouse after they've registered as a single. Whatever the reason, an influx of unregistered attendees can really derail an event. From chairs to food, an awful lot of event features are completely dictated by the amount of attendees. You can’t have a room full of people and have half of them standing!

With food, it's important to get as close to the perfect amount as possible for the event in order to prevent food waste and excessive staffing. However, when the attendance level skyrockets, that conservative estimate can be your downfall. To prevent this, it’s best to keep real-time communication going on until the event is over.

Cvent’s OnArrival is perfect for this kind of stuff. It allows for online mobile communication between attendees and organizers. It’s great for printing name badges should someone decide to surprise you by attending after RSVPing no. OnArrival offers the ability to register walk-ins, process payments, and expedite check-in.

Come back next Friday to check out our latest installment of Event Horror Stories. We will be looking at nightmares in space (issues with venues).

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