October 09, 2019
By Madison Layman

Event marketing doesn’t just mean event promotion.  

Times are changing, and so is event marketing. Back in the day, event marketing meant creating a promotion plan for an event to drive attendance. Not anymore! Technically, yes, promotion is still a function of event marketing, but there’s so much more. In Event Marketing Strategy for Dummies, we’ll show you what we mean.  

Think about Event Marketing Strategy Differently 

Move past the basics. Event marketing is about using events as a valuable tool in your marketing toolkit. It doesn’t sit off to the side on its own but fits right into the marketing mix. By thinking about your events program holistically, you can create a program that makes an impact. When we say your events program, we don’t just mean the events you produce – we’re also talking about the events you attend.  

Data, Data, And More Data 

Your events have a job to do, one of which is to drive leads to sales. They also serve to build out attendee profiles, identify buying stage, showcase products, facilitate networking, and more. All of these activities drive data. What data do you gather and how do you use it? We’ll show you.  

Get Out Your Calculators – It’s Time to Figure Out Event ROI 

Driving business goals. Part of your event marketing strategy involves proving the impact of your event and tying your events to business goals. Figuring out how to measure event ROI can be challenging, but we explain best practices and include some tips and tricks to get the job done.  

Event Marketing Strategy for Dummies 

In this eBook, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Create an event program strategy that uses events to meet business goals.  

  • Promote events using tactics that cut through the noise.  

  • Collect and activate attendee data to drive leads to sales and improve marketing activities.  

  • Calculate event ROI and prove the impact of your events program. 


Read Event Marketing Strategy for Dummies



Madison Layman

Madison Layman

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