October 04, 2019
By Kathy Dam

Nothing can stop your attendees in their tracks quite like a long check-in line. They may have just spent the day traveling, waiting in line after line at the airport and their hotel. Now another line? Talk about a buzzkill – and a not-so-great first impression for your event.

And when it’s finally their turn, they’re waiting for you to scroll through the attendee list to find their name and rifle through an alphabetized table of name badges. Then poof! For the duration of your event, you have no idea what they attend, who they’re meeting with, or if they’re even having a good time.

If that sounds familiar, you’re not alone because great events don’t just happen. But the right tools can take the stress and headache out of the onsite experience.



Onsite Solutions™ for the Modern Event

With countless hours and resources going into planning and preparing for event day, execution needs to be airtight. While registration systems and mobile event apps have been a staple in the market for years now, onsite technology is newer, but growing and being adopted quickly. It can help with everything from check-in and attendance tracking to lead retrieval and access control.

The Upside for You

As the event organizer, onsite technology both makes it easier to execute a great event and gives you the data to actually prove its success.

  • Quickly check attendees in, register walk-ins, and collect payments.
  • Print name badges onsite in seconds.
  • Understand each attendee’s journey, like what sessions they attend and what demos they watch.
  • Know what each attendee is interested in for a more targeted follow-up.
  • Get real-time data and insights to show the success and ROI of your events.
  • Help exhibitors easily capture leads and get more value out of your event.

The Upside for Your Attendees

Attendees will have a truly smooth and seamless experience, quickly and easily moving through your event.

  • They’ll get to your event content quickly after an efficient check-in experience.
  • They can post pictures and content on their social networks and get featured at your event.
  • They can receive and download continuing education credits without any fuss.

The right onsite technology and support let you create engaging experiences that put your event a notch above the rest. Learn more about modernizing your registration desk with onsite technology!


Kathy Dam

Kathy is a Team Lead for Sales Enablement at Cvent, working closely with our sales and marketing groups to help drive the company’s success. Her enthusiasm for writing started at a young age, following her through her time at the University of Virginia and in previous sales and marketing roles.

Outside of work, you can find her curled up on the couch with Netflix, on the hunt for her next dining experience, or jetting off to a new city.

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