August 20, 2019
By Hannah Huston

Who doesn’t like a good game? Whether you’re a fan of the classics like Mario and Zelda or you prefer the newer ones such as Pokemon Go, leveling up is how you succeed. As an event planner, you may not see the similarities between gaming and your job, but the same principles apply to both. Just as in a game how you need to accomplish tasks in order to level up, when planning an event there is a long to-do list you need to complete in order for it to be a success.

One of the biggest factors in having a successful event is attendee engagement. No engagement and your event is going to struggle and won’t be very worthwhile for those involved. When your events fall short, people can’t see the value in continuing to attend. This means they will likely not return to any future events you host. Increasing your attendee engagement builds excitement. This excitement creates a great onsite experience with a lasting impression and increases the ROI for everyone involved. Level up your attendee engagement by using a mobile event app to achieve your event goals.

In this fun ebook you will become familiar with three stages of engagement –

  1. before,
  2. during, and
  3. after the event

By becoming familiar with these stages you can ensure engagement throughout the planning process and have your most successful event to date. The ebook is even gamified so you can recognize the value of incorporating such a tactic. See how establishing a point system for different attendee actions (like following a sponsor on social media or attending a certain number of sessions) increases engagement. By reading the ebook all the way through (which earns you 30,000 points!) and applying these ideas to your next event, you will win the engagement game.

Download our free eBook here, and get your attendees engaged for your best event yet.

You’ll learn how to build hype and get attendees engaged, making connections, creating their schedules, and so much more before the event has even started.  You’ll understand the importance of gamification and social promotions while at the event in order to drive attendees to action. You will also be able to increase the ROI of everyone by allowing attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors to have access to each other’s profiles after the event. This allows them to continue making connections and networking long after the event has ended.

Increase engagement and download our free eBook today!

Also feel free to check out our gifographic companion to the eBook.

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