August 20, 2019
By Madison Layman

Last week on the How Great Events Happen podcast, Brooke and Cody chatted with Cvent Senior VP of Sales Brian Ludwig to discuss 2019 pre-event trends. In the second part of this series, and the final episode of Season 1, we'll discuss 2019 onsite event trends, Brian's thoughts on the future of events and how you can stay ahead of the curve. Listen to the podcast. 

What Trends to Listen for:

  • It's taken 10-15 years to move online.
  • Almost every event has a mobile event app.
  • Pre-printed badges aren't a thing of the past - but they should be.
  • Technology will help you leverage event goals.
  • Does tech make your attendees more distracted onsite?
  • Eliminate the ghost attendee.
  • Mobile event apps are a tool for engagement - how?
  • *This* is where the real magic happens...
  • Find the HOLY GRAIL (hint - it's not the dusty wooden one).
  • When it comes to tech, start with the basics.
  • In-person won't be a necessity when it comes to events.
  • The influence of your event is no longer confined to the four walls of your event.

Who is Brian Ludwig?

Brian Ludwig joined Cvent as employee number six in 2000. Since then Brian has played a critical role in shaping Cvent's go-to-market strategy, product enhancement roadmap, marketing initiatives, and sales training and development. In his current role, he oversees worldwide sales of Cvent’s Event Management software. Having been in the meetings and events industry for over 20 years, he is often called on as an expert to speak at conferences about the tech trends we’re seeing with live events.

Listen to the podcast!

More Tech Trends for 2019

We broke down the new tech trends for you. To find out what's important this year, check out Tech Trends 2019.

Madison Layman

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