August 20, 2019
By Madison Howard

You might have noticed that we think the Power of Live Events™ is a pretty big deal. But what is it? And why is it important?

In today’s busy world, it can feel like technology has taken over. But really, the value of face-to-face interactions is greater than ever. The Power of Live Events happens when you combine modern event technology and in-person experiences to promote and engage attendees.

Why the Power of Live

  • We do business with people we know
  • Attendees are providing real-time feedback on what their true interests are
  • Consolidated event data enables targeted follow-ups, acceleration of sales funnels, and can prove event ROI


It's simple. Live events foster connections and provide companies with amazing data that can be used to improve customer relationships, create more leads, and increase event ROI.

Want more? Are you harnessing the Power of Live Events? Take the quiz to find out!


Madison Howard

A graduate of the College of William and Mary, my passion for writing began before I could read, with a nightly verbal diary dictation transcribed by my obliging parents. When I'm not writing, you can find me binge-watching TV shows, baking elaborate desserts, and memorizing pop culture facts.
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