August 20, 2019
By Madison Layman

Have you ever been curious about the thinking behind key business decisions? For instance, how does a company know if going public is the right move?

Cvent's History

It takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication to become a successful business. After all, only half of businesses survive the five-year mark (Forbes). Over the course of Cvent’s twenty-year history, we’ve had our share of ups and downs. From solving a critical industry pain point by creating the Aspirin to evolving our products and solutions to accommodate the ever-changing market, these business decisions, and many more, have led Cvent to become the market-leading company we are today.

Reggie Aggarwal on The Top Podcast

Recently Reggie Aggarwal, our CEO and Founder, sat down with Nathan Latka of The Top podcast to discuss business operations, the Cvent story, and more. You’ll find out how we ultimately made the decision to go public, why Reggie still flies economy on business trips, and why so many of our decisions are ultimately intuitive.

The Top podcast takes a deeper look at the world’s Top Entrepreneurs to uncover how much they sold last month, how they are selling it, and what they are selling.

Listen to the Top Podcast


Madison Layman

Madison Layman

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