August 20, 2019
By Brittany Estes

Cvent tools are designed to help you create better, smarter events. The Cvent platform you already use is filled with functionalities you may not even realize you have. Check out our free webinar for a sneak peak at some of these great features!

Negotiate Better with the Cvent Supplier Network

Account Manager Danielle Galloway loves helping clients leverage the power of the Cvent Supplier Network to find great venues, track spending, and negotiate more effectively. The platform has helped over 70,000 planners streamline their budget spend. “We find that most organizations don’t really have this level of insight today. This leads to a lot of unmanaged spend overall,” adds Galloway. “Cvent Supplier Network is designed to fix this problem.”

Galloway explains, “We all know the C-Suite speaks a different language, and it’s all based on increasing revenue and decreasing costs. Negotiating rates is easier with the platform since every contract and bid is saved within the system.” This allows you to compare rates that you’ve received at a specific property; you can also compare across divisions, planners, and event types within one platform. You can even lock in your rates for the future.

How Can You Get Even More Out of Your Platform?

Check out our free webinar to better leverage the Cvent tools already at your fingertips. Learn about easily booking room blocks with Passkey, creating a fast and integrated online registration system with Cvent Express, and much more.

WEBINAR: Cvent Platform Overview: Best Practices and Product Features You Need for Your Next Event

DATE: Tuesday, September 4th at 2:00 pm ET/11:00 AM PT

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