August 20, 2019
By Madison Ballance

One of the number one things that people value is time. With technology helping to make our lives easier, we have more time to spend on the other aspects of our lives that matter.

We know that event planning takes up a lot of time, but with the help of Cvent you can use technology to free up more for yourself. There are even ways that you can use the Cvent platform to save days or weeks! Our free webinar will teach you the best time-saving tips from Cvent experts.

What’s One of Our Top Time-Saving Tips?

Event selection views can change the way you see your event information. Client Success Consultant Tina Magee helps Cvent users to organize and customize the events they view when logging into the platform. “With these views, you can control what fields display as well as what columns are displaying,” she says.

“They are beneficial to use because you can create private event views that are specific to you when you login or share with other members of your team,” Magee adds. The event selection view will save you time by having all the information you want to see readily available when you first log in into your account. This means you don't have to waste precious hours searching for a specific piece of information.

Want More Free Tips?

Check out our free webinar to learn more ways you can save time with Cvent. This way, you can save more time for things that really matter. Learn how to set planner alerts, event templates, gray lists, and so much more!

WEBINAR: Making the Most of Managing Your Events: Time-Saving Tips by Cvent Experts

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