August 20, 2019
By Madison Ballance

What if there was no event technology? Event planners would spend countless hours creating events the “old-fashion way.” Luckily, there is no need to worry about event planning taking hours anymore because Cvent is always evolving to help make the process faster.

At Cvent, there are always new features and products that are being released. With our free webinar, you will learn about new features you can apply to your Cvent account. This means less time is spent worrying about things technology will do for you.

Faster and Better-Than-Ever Features

The standard Cvent platform already makes the event planning process quick and easy for planners, but what if there was an even faster way? Account Manager Danielle Galloway shows customers the great feature of Cvent Express. “For planners, we created a streamline event process so you can build and launch an event within minutes,” she explains.

The tools and modules that are in place with the easy drag and drop functionality allow planners to set up emails and event pages quick and easy. “Cvent Express provides for a more modern design look and feel, so your emails and websites are really up to date better than ever,” adds Galloway.

How Can You Get More Best Practices?

Check out our free webinar to learn about all the features that the Cvent platform offers. Learn more about Cvent Express, Passkey, OnArrival, and much more.

WEBINAR: Cvent Platform Overview: Best Practices and Product Features You Need for Your Next Event

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