October 31, 2018
By Cvent Success Team

Every office has their holiday traditions. Here at Cvent, we go all in for Halloween. This year, on Friday, October 26th, we had hundreds of Cventer Trick-Or-Treaters come to HQ in Tysons Corner, Virginia for candy, a magic show, and a pizza party.

“I love seeing all the little Cventers get excited about the decorations and walking around in their costumes. It’s overall just a really great tradition we have here,” remarks Arianna Smith, Cvent Client Services.

This tradition is something that Cventers love to get involved in and get really excited for. Everyone comes in dressed up and decked out in crazy costumes. Some team members will stay as late as 2am the night before, putting up streamers and blowing up balloons to bring their hallway themes together. Some themes in the pods this year were:

  • Under the (Sea)vent
  • Pir(apps) of the Caribbean
  • Mobile Fr(apps)
  • Marketing, Inc.
  • HR High: Home of the Cventer
  • Seussville
  • Nightmare before Christmas
  • Enterprise Island
  • Cvent Circus

Cvent Halloween is a day to create something special, not just for the kids that come in, but for the whole Cvent family.

Matt Greene, Client Services, mentioned, “I was involved in the Halloween planning process because it’s just a lot of fun. There’s also a big team bonding aspect to it.”

Check out some pictures from our Cvent Halloween. Hope you have a spooky day!


This post was written by Minh Bui, a Sagittarius and Client Success Consultant at Cvent. She's a University of Virginia alumnus and a huge UVA Basketball Fan. A fun fact: she's both a U.S. and Australian Citizen!

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