Ultimate Guide to Virtual Events

Ultimate guide to virtual events

How do you turn a multi-day conference into a virtual one? Once you do, how do you ensure attendees are engaged throughout the event?

Cvent integrates with virtual meeting platforms like:

Cvent integrates with many web conferencing platforms
Create better virtual events with Cvent

Create better virtual events

  • Provide a professional online experience for attendees while keeping Cvent as your event system of record
  • Leverage the leading event marketing and management tools Cvent is known for
  • Associate a virtual conference with any Cvent event, including individual break-out sessions
  • Use Cvent’s mobile app for dynamic scheduling, to maximize engagement, and to retain sponsor revenue
  • Global support available 24/7
Measure the impact and ROI of your virtual event

Maximize your virtual event impact

  • Have a complete view of your attendees' event activity history
  • Transfer actionable event data seamlessly to your marketing tech stack and CRM system
  • Understand how all events are impacting sales pipeline and closed business
  • Measure the impact and ROI of your total events program