Create event layouts with distancing measures

Create event layouts with distancing measures

Access over 3.3 million square feet of meeting space and lay down tables, chairs and other objects that are properly distanced, quickly. Our solution allows you to create new floor plans or edit previous floor plans in just a few clicks.


Run an audit to check layout safety

With Diagram Check, you’ll know if a layout does not meet safety standards right away. Check your diagram against pre-determined standards to see if it passes. Objects will appear in red if they do not meet requirements, easily correct them for a safer layout.

Visualize your event in photo-realistic 3D with Cvent Social Tables

Visualize your event in photo-realistic 3D

Visit your venue virtually just as an attendee would with stunning 3D. Add health and safety objects like temperature check stations, hand sanitizing stations and more to make sure every detail is considered.

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Collaborate and get real-time feedback

Invite stakeholders to view and comment on your layout. Make edits based on their feedback in real-time to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Watch Travel Summit industry education on-demand

Get access to 10+ on-demand sessions from the Cvent Travel Summit to learn about sustainability, DE&I and how you can source, benchmark and audit hotels efficiently. Available on-demand for free until June 24.

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Manage attendees like a pro

Manage attendees like a pro

Account for all attendees’ needs –including meal preferences, VIP status and seating assignments-all in one place. Integrate with Cvent’s Event Registration tool to allow a seamless flow of data when updates are made.