"The email forwarding, which just basically allow people to say, "Oh, I know somebody who I would like to invite to this event." So they add them, and what that really came is that increased my database so much with not just anybody, I mean really, really good contacts. Now increased attendance means increased registration fees, and that's a major part of my income. Over time, that tool brought me so many new names and faces, that now my events are 50% new people, first time, newcomers to my event, and I didn't really work very hard to get those names. By increasing my database and increasing my reach, that brought more people. It brought new people, to those events. And that makes me sponsors happy because they'll say, "Oh I'll keep sponsoring you because I'm not getting the same old people." So that truly increased my attendance. It increased my overall income, and it didn't cost me really very much in terms of effort to get those people."

– Julie Perlmutter, The Creative Network


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