Supplier Network Ease of Use

"If I want a particular brand of hotel or if I need a particular size of the room or a certain ceiling requirements, it's really easy for me to use and just go in and just put the basic needs. It's just a lot quicker for me to find what it is I'm looking for, and I find exactly what I want in a timely manner. And then I can move forward from there with securing contracts, or site visits, or things like that."
– Jodee Warner, EDJ Associates, Inc

"I used it to scout locations for our 2012 conference in San Francisco. I was able to pull up ten hotels and send them our RFP and see what happens."
– Maame Ameyaw, Institute for Educational Leadership, DC

"Put it in one place, one time, and you get all the results back you need. They come back to you, all from one RFP, instead of sending it out to national sales reps or chains and things like that, and that cuts down on my time, and time is really valuable to me."
– Jodee Warner, EDJ Associates, Inc