Women in Leadership: #MeetingsToo, How to Prevent & Manage Sexual Harassment at Events

#MeToo. Two words that have sparked a powerful movement across the board, from Hollywood to Corporate America to the technology sector and beyond. In this session, we will shed light on sexual harassment in the meetings and events industry and share some actionable steps organizations and individuals can take to get ahead of the issue. How can we, as planners, suppliers, or attendees, help put a stop to sexual harassment? Event professionals, including both men and women, hold incredible power to change the sexual harassment epidemic beyond our own community. Our influence on the face-to face event experience can be the catalyst for sparking positive change in behavior patterns. Join us in having an open, honest conversation about identifying, preventing and addressing misconduct at meetings, conferences and events.

Learner Outcomes:

  • How to identify and prevent sexual harassment at meetings and events.
  • How to take action when an incident takes place and why it matters.
  • How neglecting prevention and action are contributing to attendee churn and the bottom line.

Watch the Cvent CONNECT session