Learn more about Cvent's approach to meetings management in our "SMM Matters" series


At Cvent, we take a highly personalized, consultative approach to implementation with every client. Find out what implementation challenges you're likely to face, how Cvent's SMM implementation solution is unique, and why 95% of our clients are "very satisfied" with our implementations.

Attendee Management

Sometimes the real meetings management challenge begins when attendees enter into the process. Learn how Cvent helps you integrate user-friendly, feature-rich attendee management into your Strategic Meetings Management Program.

Budgeting & Tracking Meeting Spend

Tracking meeting spend has long been one of the most dreaded and difficult aspects of managing a meetings program. See how Cvent's SMM solution introduces time-saving automation and customization to make the process as easy as possible.

Product Adoption

You can have the best technology and the most comprehensive set of meetings policies in the world, but if your planners don't use it your Strategic Meetings Management Program will fail. We work with clients to develop and implement an organization-wide adoption strategy.

Comprehensive HCP Compliance

Federal, state and corporate regulations require life sciences companies to track healthcare provider (HCP) spend – a daunting task. Our solution is highly configurable, able to generate the necessary summary-level reports despite the fact that HCP data is often housed in multiple silos.

SMM Reporting & Data Analysis

Accurate reporting is key to proving the success of any Strategic Meetings Management Program. With configurable dashboards and custom reports, Cvent puts meetings data at your fingertips.

Strategic Sourcing

Meeting planners and procurement don't always see eye-to-eye on venue selection--it's a battle of creativity and intangibles versus the need to cut spend. Cvent's strategic sourcing approach gives procurement the ability to implement guidelines and standard procedures without sacrificing the planner's creative control. 

Going Global

Meetings Management is more global than ever before. Companies are organizing events in multiple countries, with different languages and currencies. Cvent's solution was designed to be flexible enough to handle these challenges and more.

SMM Matters Series

The above topics are all available in a single eBook, providing you with a complete look at Cvent’s end-to-end Meetings Management technology, best-practice tips, and advice.