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As one of the largest general contractors in the nation, DPR specializes in technically complex and sustainable projects for the advanced technology, life sciences, health care, higher education, and corporate office markets.


Average survey response rate


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Navigating Technological Roadblocks

DPR began distributing annual employee satisfaction surveys soon after the company’s inception to determine exactly what would keep employees happy and engaged. Once the technology became available, DPR transitioned from paper surveys to web-based surveys in 2002. In 2007, the company decided to explore different web survey providers that would fit its unique and growing business. 

DPR set out to find web survey software that would make it easy for all employees to access its surveys, including field staff across 19 locations. This was not easy due to the nature of DPR’s business. Field employees don’t have regular access to a computer during their shift, so the company had to find a survey partner with multiple methods of feedback collection.

DPR need a comprehensive solution that incorporated multiple methods of feedback collection. Leadership wanted a branded, anonymous, and multilingual solution. They also needed a partner who could fully own the entire process, from survey creation to execution and analysis. 

Building the Perfect Survey Solution

Web Survey Tools

Using Cvent, DPR deploys its annual survey through emails, on-site kiosks, and unique URLs. It’s also available in English or Spanish, solving DPR's multilingual requirements. This gives DPR’s field employees access to the survey in their first language, ensuring the participation is high and data is reliable. No matter which way employees elect to complete the survey, their anonymity is protected so they can provide candid, honest answers. 

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“Without PSG’s help, we wouldn’t have the time to generate individual reports by region, and then we’d be missing out on key insights and areas for improvement.”


Leveraging Professional Services Group (PSG)

Most importantly, DPR relies on the help of Cvent Web Surveys Professional Services Group (PSG) to help its time-crunched HR department run an effective employee engagement program. PSG takes responsibility for the full spectrum of DPR’s survey needs—from creating the survey and collecting responses to generating reports so DPR’s regional managers can use the insights to refine their business plans for the upcoming year. 

The regional managers use these insights to alleviate areas of employee dissatisfaction in their business plans. For example, in the past, employees expressed an overwhelming need for more training, so regional managers listened by budgeting for more training in their business plans for the following year. “PSG gives us the manpower we need to achieve our employee engagement goals,” said Jackson. “They make it possible for us to collect employee data and actually put it to use.”

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Proving ROI in Employee Engagement

Improve Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a key metric for DPR, and it shows. Even more impressive than its 95% average survey response rate is that company employees actually get excited to participate. They are so eager to share their feedback, they ask management about the survey in the weeks leading up to its launch.

Enhance Work Environment

DPR’s employee turnover rates are significantly lower than the construction industry average, which loses 4.8% of its workforce annually according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Not only are DPR’s employees more loyal, their level of employee engagement and satisfaction is award worthy.

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