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Stepping In to Achieve Sales Success

Pacific Life Insurance relies on over 150 years of experience to help their clients achieve financial success. The Events program is integral in helping internal teams generate sales in order to better serve their customers’ needs.

The Sales team at Pacific Life originally managed their own meetings and events. “Before we adopted Cvent, our sales team had to plan any group meeting completely on their own,” explains Lauren Didier, Manager of Conference Planning. “They had to source venues, send email invitations, and track RSVPs. Problems were three-fold: they were taken out of the field away from their sales activities, nothing was compliant with brand standards, and there was no way to track RSVPs or ROI.”

The Events team stepped in to save the Group Meetings Process, and they quickly realized the potential for the program. With an increased sales goal in mind, they knew a single, integrated platform was the only solution. Lauren’s team adopted the Cvent Event Management platform to not only handle the current workflow, but to drastically increase the Group Meetings offerings and directly influence sales metrics.

Simplifying the Meetings Management Process

Lauren’s team began by creating a Meeting Request Portal for their Sales team. “We put in a streamlined process where all they need to do is submit a Meeting Request Form and our team takes care of the rest,” she explains. Her team utilizes the Cvent Supplier Network to source and book venues, easily comparing rates to help optimize spend. They also created email templates for single and multi-sessions with on-brand invitations, event reminders, and follow-up emails with a survey attached. ”I think the success of Cvent is really its templates,” notes Lauren. “You just set it up once and it carries over. Everything’s consistent and a lot more efficient.”

OnArrival was used to check in attendees quickly and efficiently onsite. With the custom ability to add the Financial Advisors’ Rep ID with invitee management, it became a breeze for Sales Reps to track and report on leads. “Plus, we use a reporting tool to download that raw data and send it to our sales reporting team. They're able to actually track ROI, the number of attendees, and the percentage of people we invited versus how many attended,” she explains. The Sales team was able to analyze the resulting data to track quarterly and yearly growth. “It’s just been a true innovation success story for our division,” she adds.

The team is also looking towards integrating with Salesforce to better track data from their events. “What our division’s looking to do with Salesforce is really just use it to be data scientists. We currently have another CRM system that doesn’t talk to Cvent, so the integration with Salesforce will be a game changer because it’ll take our reporting and our tracking to a whole new level,” explains Lauren. 

Fostering Inter-Departmental Success

Increasing the meetings offering simultaneously increased collaboration between Lauren's department and the Sales team. “Word spread amongst our sales team that is something that’s so easy to do; the conference planning team will manage it for you, the system’s easy to use, and it gets you in front of a ton of financial advisors,” notes Lauren. The adoption of Cvent directly influenced their meetings offerings, expanding from a handful of events to over 450 Cvent Group meetings nationwide in 2017. They even have Cvent power users on the Sales team, orchestrating more than 50 Cvent meetings a year as part of their quota.

In transitioning from being behind-the-scenes, Lauren’s team has been able to collaborate with other divisions to increase the use of Cvent across the company. “For our Sales team, they saw how big of a success it was because it allows them to be in front of financial advisors, talk about our brand, and talk about our products and services. We track our reps’ attendance pre-meeting till three months after the meeting. As a result, we’ve seen an incredible 15% increase in sales!” Lauren adds.

A Huge Win for All

As a result of their efforts, the Events team was able to raise their profile within the organization. In reporting to stakeholders like the Senior Vice President of Sales and Chief Marketing Officer, Lauren’s team is under constant pressure to prove the value of their events. She explains, “In the event industry, it is so hard to show ROI from events, and we can show those hard numbers via production. Our executives are a big fan of the system and of our department. With the Sales team, they’re super supportive and thankful. It shows our value and shows what we can bring to the table, and that in-person meetings can drive ROI.”

Lauren’s department expanded their team to keep up with the new increase in meetings demand. She explains, “Using the tool and the success has really elevated our team’s profile within our division and with corporate. Obviously, they love the increase in sales, but corporate is now trying to use it for some of their events. So, I just think it’s elevated our profile. It’s truly just a success story for our division.”

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