White Lodging Services

White Lodging Services Success Story 

The Challenge

Winning the business of corporate meeting and event planners is central to White Lodging's long-term growth strategy. "The group segment represents just about 35% of our room revenue goals for our hotels each year," says Janice Zoeller, Senior Corporate Director of Revenue Generation. "Clearly with our group we know that we've got to get that right first in order for us to really fill in the rest of the segments and make our budgets each year." The key to courting these planners? According to Zoeller, it's all come down to superb customer service. "Customers want us to make it easy for them to do business with us. And if we are, they will reward us with their business." So it's Zoeller's job to seek out solutions that simplify the way planners and group guests do business with her hotels.


  • Simplify the group bookings process.
  • Reduce FTEs spent managing group reservations.
  • Increase upgrade and up-sell opportunities.

The Solution: Passkey

White Lodging makes business easier for meeting and event planners by using Passkey to manage group bookings. "Planners love Passkey," says Zoeller, "because it offers them the ability to go in and check their daily [room block] pick-up, so they're reminded of cutoff dates. It's becoming a tool for them to look for potential issues coming down the pipe. Really, it gives the planner a lot more control than they've had in the past."