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With over 13,000 pages of unique content, the Cvent Destination Guide provides planners with crucial information during the research phase of the event planning cycle, allowing planners to fully evaluate over 1,000 destinations across the globe.

  • Over 1,200 destination profiles.
  • More than 13,000 pages of content.
  • Over 600,000 page views per month.
  • Twenty percent of visitors move on to the Supplier Network.
Destination Guide

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Main Search Pages

As planners navigate the destination guide, capture their attention and direct them to your city or supplier profile.


  • Billboard Destinations: This prime, above-the-fold, content based placement may be purchased at the regional, sub-regional, and state level, and is only available to destinations.
  • Featured Content Ads: Become one of up to 16 rotating ads to benefit from extensive brand exposure.
  • Banner Ads: Banner advertisements can link to your destination, supplier profile, or brand page and can be purchased at the global, regional or state level.

Area Guides

Sponsor the content for a new neighborhood profile or brand yourself within existing profiles and target planners searching in your backyard. Banner Ads will display on each tab of a city profile, while Featured Promotions will be available to planners within the "Promotions" tab.


  • Sponsored City Guide or City Profile: Sponsor the content for a new city or neighborhood profile to target planners searching in your own area. Some restrictions apply in your own area.
  • Featured Promotions: Showcase a current meeting promotion in your destination or at your venue to encourage planners to book your services. Limited inventory available.
  • City Guide or City Profile Banner Ads: Choose to advertise within your own city profile or display a banner advertisement on a competing city. Some restrictions apply.

Resource Directories

The Cvent Destination Guide features several useful directories for planners.

  • Convention Center Directory
  • Beach Destination Directory
  • CVB Directory
  • Top 100 Meeting Hotels


  • Featured Directory Listings: This is the only advertisement available on this page. Banner advertisement can only be purchased by suppliers.

Cvent Microsites

Cvent Microsites let you create captivating web pages that give your hotel brand, chain or destination visibility to the tens of thousands of qualified professional planners actively sourcing on Cvent Supplier Network (CSN).

  • Empower your team to create, edit, and manage content with Cvent’s self-service Site Designer
  • Showcase venues and highlight amenities with modern page design templates
  • Inspire planners by featuring your experiential content using easy-to-use widgets for videos, venue image carousels, photos, text, and more
  • Be confident that planners always view up-to-date venue information with data feeds from CSN profiles
  • Benefit from new ways planners can discover your microsite: links in venue profiles, new ads, and the new Discover menu tab (coming soon!)