Nurse Practitioner Associates for Continuing Education (NPACE) is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

Objectives of this Educational Activity

By attending an NPACE continuing education activity:

  • Nurse Practitioners will self-report an increase in their primary care knowledge and skills including pharmacotherapeutics in managing patients with acute and chronic problems.
  • NPs will self-report a change in their clinical practice performance based on new evidenced-based information learned.
  • NPs will self-report an increase in patient quality outcome measures.
  • NPs will self-report that they received a positive return on their investment in regards to increased knowledge, skills, and patient outcomes.
  • NPs will self-report an increase in their professional development skills.


Requirements for Successful Completion: To obtain CE credit for this activity, participants must sign in at the registration desk, be present at the CE activity and complete the two-part Certificate of Completion included in the registration packet. Participants should mark all sessions they attended and sign the attestation. Participants keep the top copy (white) for their records and submit the yellow copy to the Registration Desk after their last session. This form will serve as a copy of the contact hours participants receive as part of this activity; NPACE will not send you a separate certificate after the conference. NPACE can NOT accept Certificates of Completion with activities marked as complete when the activity has not yet occurred. Required attendance time at the activity is 100%, or missing no more than ten minutes per hour of activity.  Attendees may only obtain CE credit for optional workshops if they were a registered attendee. NPACE routinely conducts audits of registrations and Certificates of Completion to ensure compliance. NPACE cannot provide CE credit for any activity when the above requirements for successful completion are not met.

Fraudulent Activity: The requirements stated above must be followed for successful completion of an NPACE conference. Any participant attempting to obtain credit for an activity that he or she did not complete will have their credits voided and may be prohibited from registering for future NPACE programs. Violations include not attending a program and having someone else submit the certificate or mailing the certificate to NPACE’s office, or in any way attempting to obtain credit for a session the attendee was not present. Registration fees will not be refunded when a participant was not present and attempts to submit for CE credits fraudulently.

Evaluations: Please complete speaker evaluations online. Use the NPACE website: www.npace.org, click attendee resources, log in, click “evaluation”, or complete the evaluations sent via reminder emails.

Non CE Product Theaters: Product Theaters are provided by a commercial interest and therefore contact hours will not be awarded. NPACE offers product theater meal programs through our industry partners as part of the conference agenda whenever possible. Available meal programs are listed as sessions on the program agenda. Meals offered during these sessions are for attendees only. NPACE orders food based on expected attendance and sign-in with the sponsor is required just prior to the start of the program. NPACE does not conduct pre-registration or ticketing for Product Theaters. You may be required to provide your NPI number as part of the registration process.  Please be advised that information such as your name and the value of any meal you receive during these promotional programs may be publicly disclosed by the sponsor company pursuant to applicable federal and/or state laws.

CE Sponsored Programs:  NPACE offers CE Sponsored programs through healthcare education partners as part of the conference agenda when possible. These programs will be disclosed to participants in compliance with ANCC guidelines.

Commercial Support & Sponsorship: Learners are informed if any entities have provided commercial support or sponsorship for this educational activity on the Disclosure of Commercial Support and Sponsorship document included in this registration packet. This document includes information on how NPACE maintains integrity and prevents bias in the presence of commercial support and sponsorship.

Statement of Liability from NPACE: NPACE reviews presentation content to ensure that it is based on the most current evidence, which may include but is not limited to evidenced-based practice, literature/peer-reviewed journals, clinical guidelines, best practices, and content expert’s opinion but does not independently research and verify the information provided by its Presenters.  The information given by the NPACE faculty has been researched by the presenter, making certain that the dose of drugs and schedules of treatment are correct and compatible with standards generally accepted at the time of the presentation. Nevertheless, as new information becomes available, changes in treatment and in the use of drugs become necessary. Participants are advised to carefully consult the instruction and information guidelines before administration. This advice is especially important when using new or infrequently used drugs. NPACE disclaims any liability, loss, injury or damage incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of the use and application of any information given in a presentation.

Consent to Use of Photographic Images:  Registration and participation at NPACE conferences constitutes consent for NPACE to use and distribute (both now and in the future) the registrant’s image in photographs and videotapes for any lawful purpose.

Non-Endorsement of Products: NPACE’s status as an accredited provider of continuing nursing education does not imply endorsement by NPACE or the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) of any commercial products discussed or displayed in conjunction with this program, including within the Exhibit Hall.

Presence or Absence of Conflicts of Interest: All planners, presenters, faculty, and content reviewers of this activity must disclose any relationships with commercial interests, or lack thereof, in relation to the educational activity. See the Disclosures of Relationships with Commercial Interests document included in this registration packet. 

Conference Name Badge: All attendees must wear their conference name badge for entrance into NPACE programs, including workshops, meeting spaces, product theaters, and Exhibit Halls. NPACE requires attendees to wear their name badge throughout the conference in order to help NPACE maintain the security of the meeting space.

Seating Policy: Due to safety issues, NPACE will not allow aisles in the meeting space to be obstructed in any way. All attendees must be seated in chairs, at tables while programs are in progress.  No obstructions such as electric cords or bags shall obstruct walkways.  Please plan to arrive a little early so that you can be seated, otherwise, members of the NPACE staff will assist you in finding a seat while the program is in progress.

Guests: Only registered attendees are allowed entry to NPACE meeting rooms and Exhibit Hall. Guests are not permitted. This includes spouses or other family members of the attendee, including infants or children. Any attendee requiring a helper or assistant during the conference should contact NPACE in advance of the conference to obtain an exception to this policy. Only registered attendees may attend workshops or break-out sessions. Non-registered attendees are not permitted, even if the non-registered attendee does not want contact hours or handouts as part of participation.  There is no auditing of sessions. 

Food and Beverage Provided by NPACE: NPACE provides amenities such as continental breakfasts and coffee breaks whenever possible. These refreshments are available for registered attendees only; food and beverage provided by NPACE are not available for guests of the attendee.

Special Food Accommodations/Dietary Needs: Please alert NPACE on your conference registration, if you require special accommodations during the conference or have special dietary needs. (You must contact the hotel directly to make accommodations related to your individual hotel stay.) NPACE will make every effort to work with participants and the conference venue to accommodate any disclosed food allergies and other food-related medical conditions. However, there is always a risk of contamination and participants concerned with food allergies need to be aware of this risk. NPACE is not directly involved in the preparation or service of any of the food at the conference and as such cannot control matters associated with food allergies.  NPACE is not responsible for adverse reactions to foods consumed or items one may come in contact with while at any NPACE event.

Storage of Luggage and Personal Belongings: NPACE does not provide luggage storage for attendees who are checking out of the conference hotel. Due to safety concerns, luggage may not be stored in the meeting space, Exhibit Hall or other conference areas including the Registration Desk. Attendees needing luggage storage prior to departure should contact the hotel’s Front Desk for arrangements. NPACE cannot store other personal belongings such as computers or other items on behalf of attendees at the Registration Desk or in any other conference area.

Disruptions in the Meeting Space: Cell phone use, loud talking, or other activities that are disruptive to other attendees will not be permitted within NPACE meeting rooms. NPACE reserves the right to ask any attendee creating a disruption to leave the meeting room.

Wifi and Charging Electronic Devices: NPACE welcomes attendees to bring mobile devices (including tablets and laptop computers) to its conferences. Please note that NPACE makes every effort to provide limited Wifi accessibility for its participants.  Please use one device at a time and disconnect after your session to allow others to have access.  NPACE cannot always provide access to charging stations or outlets within the meeting room. You should charge your device before arriving at the conference.

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