2014-2015 No Place for Hate® Excellence Award

2015 Rampart High School (Colorado Springs)

Rampart High School (RHS) created 4-5 activities that not only built upon each other but raised the bar on some common activities & students and staff went above and beyond to find a “strong and safe way to spread sensitive messages throughout our school”. 

For example, many schools conduct the Mix it Up Lunch activity, where students sit and meet new students at lunch time. RHS' No Place for Hate student leaders planned monthly lunches, took it one step further to increase their learning by discussing how to meet new students, why some may want to sit by themselves and worked on getting over the fear of approaching new people. So, when this lunches occurred, No Place for Hate student leaders were tasked to take what they learned and find those sitting along, to meet them, make a new friend & to ensure everyone was included.

Another example includes a presentation/ training that No Place for Hate student leaders created after their ADL’s World of Difference Training and a training by Cedar Springs Hospital about suicide prevention. Students combined ideas from both trainings along with personal stories – “Bullying: Take the Power Back”, which was presented to all Freshman and some Sophomores during Guided Study Halls facilitating smaller more personalized group discussions.

Lastly, again working with K-RAM, their school’s TV station, KRAM teacher and students, RHS created 4 -6 powerful PSA’s, written, scripted and produced by students, which are aired to all 1600 RHS students, regularly, which have helped to facilitate and support ongoing dialogue led by student leaders.  

Check out Rampart High School's No Place for Hate public service announcements here (each runs 100 seconds):

  Words have power, choose them wisely   Pay Kindness Forward
  Make A New Friend   Don't Let Hate Be a Part of Your Vocabulary


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