Is Your School Ready for No Place for Hate?


Registration for the 2018-2019 No Place for Hate school year is closed.  However, this is a great time to plan for the 2019-2020 school year. Have you or your school staff considered whether your school is ready to implement this new program?

Schools that are the most successful with No Place for Hate have planned ahead, considered other programs in their schools, and ensured school administration & staff are aware of No Place for Hate®, understood the framework and can determine the best programmatic fit for their school.

Consider the questions below for your school as you plan and prepare for No Place for Hate®:


 School Staff Buy-In:

  • WHO will present the No Place for Hate® program to the staff/ faculty?
  • WHEN will it be presented?
  • WHAT is the expectation of staff and faculty involvement in the program?
  • Does your Principal understand why you are interested in adding this program to your school's work on culture and climate?
  • WHO will be the staff sponsors/ coordinators for the No Place for Hate program? (ADL recommends at least two coordinators (a team approach). Preferably, one of the coordinators is not a classroom teacher, unless they are connected with other student groups/ leadership teams, etc.)

 School Programs:

  • HOW does No Place for Hate fit in your current school's programming?
  • Are there other programs that deal with bully prevention, anti-bias issues, stereotypes or student driven projects that discuss similar issues?
  •  WHAT current activities/ programs does your school have in place to create a positive school culture? 
  • WHAT other programs do you have that address bullying prevention? How will NO Place for Hate support these efforts and be an ADDED value not duplicate efforts?

Climate/ Culture Surveys: 

  • Does your school conduct a culture/ climate survey? Who sees the results? Students, staff, families? What do they say? Are there areas to consider?
  • What does your school do well, where are the areas to improve and where are the programmatic gaps?

Student Engagement:

  • Are students involved in implementing the activities mentioned above? 
  • One of the steps for No Place for Hate is to create a Coalition of students & staff that will be responsible for implementing NPFH. WHO will be a part of the coalition – all students, staff, parent/ family members, volunteers???   
  • HOW will the coalition be selected? If students – will they be teacher nominated? All just volunteers?
  •  WHEN will this group be able to meet on a regular basis next year or can they start meeting this spring? 

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