What Does It Look Like When.. – Student Art Contest
2017-2018 Winners

  Lower Elementary K-2


First Place: : Aubrianna E., 2nd grade, Cottonwood Plains Elementary
TITLE: The Strength Is In You
DESCRIPTION: We are stronger together when we work as a team.

first place elementary
Second Place: Piper B., 2nd grade, Emerald Elementary
TITLE: Superheroes of Kindness
DESCRIPTION: : Art class theme: We stand up and spread kindness to all. We are upstanders and allies. We take action against bullying.

second place elementary
  Upper Elementary 3-5

First Place: Torilyn S-C., 5th grade, Murphy Creek PK-8
TITLE: No Place for Hate®
DESCRIPTION: My picture goes with this theme because this picture represents the different races of people. For example, people should not bully other people just because they look different.

first place upper elementary
Second Place: : Kryshna G-C., 5th grade, Madison Elementary
TITLE: No Title
DESCRIPTION: What does it look like when somebody helps somebody else even if they’re different or a bully.
second place upper elementary
Third Place: Anderson F. M., 5th grade, Emerald Elementary
TITLE: Stand Up! Speak Out!
DESCRIPTION: Art class theme: We use our voices to spread a positive message. I am strong; I have something important to say. We can change the world when we use our voices for good.
third place upper elementary
  Middle School 6-8

First Place: Reese H., 7th grade, Louisville Middle
TITLE: How We Rise
DESCRIPTION: As it says in my artwork, I believe diversity is a huge strength that can change the world. I did the people intentionally in black and white, as well as the lettering. This is to highlight the rainbow of diversity in the background.

first place middle
Second Place: Azalee W., 8th grade, Prairie Heights Middle
TITLE: Diversity, We Can Do It!
DESCRIPTION: The entry depicts Rosie the Riveter, an American symbol of strength, with diverse skin colors and a pride flag and diverse tattoo.
second place middle
Third Place: Melanie A. F., 7th grade, Prairie Heights Middle School
TITLE: The Art of Diversity
DESCRIPTION: “What does it look like when diversity is a strength?” and “What does it look like when we are different, together?”
third place middle
  High School 9-12

First Place: Gabriella H., 12th grade, Air Academy High School
TITLE: A Clearer View of a Diverse World
DESCRIPTION: : I wanted to design a piece that highlights how we can accept our differences to make diversity a strength. If we all come together we can look through “rose-colored glasses” and create a positive view of the future.

 first place high
Second Place: Jewell N., 9th grade Denver School of the Arts High School
TITLE: Labels are for clothing, not people
DESCRIPTION: My entry consists of a back of a person with a clothing tag sewn onto their shoulders that says “Labels are for clothing, not people.” There is a pair of scissors that are about to cut it off. This represents the theme by showing that we need to stop putting labels on people & accept them for who they are.

 second place high
Third Place: Lisset H., 10th grade, Gateway High School
TITLE: Diversity = Strength
DESCRIPTION:Shows the diversity in each person which makes the person continue to grow bigger which leads to strength. All the different colors contribute to society.

third place high 

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