How to Become a No Place for Hate® School

The first step to becoming a No Place for Hate® school is to register on this website. If you have additional questions about the process, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Is your school prepared to implement No Place for Hate?  Consider these questions, so that your school ensures its own success.  

Below are the five required steps to earn a No Place for Hate® designation at your school. ADL is available to help you in whatever ways you need, but it’s in your hands to make it happen!



1. Create a coalition to oversee the implementation of the anti-bias programs and activities in your school.
Suggested coalition members include: administrators, teachers, staff, students, parents, and community leaders. Often times, coalitions are called “No Place for Hate® Clubs” and serve as an umbrella organization. Reach out to all student groups for ideas and involvement. For student members, make sure they represent various social groups and networks! 

2. Adopt and Sign ADL's "Resolution of Respect" 
AHMS #4 trashcansOrganize an official presentation of the Resolution of Respect (for middle and high schools) or No Place for Hate® Promise (for elementary schools) to begin the program. This can be done as part of a larger program, during a school assembly or pep rally or through individual classroom/ advisories. Display a "giant" version of the pledge in a prominent area of your school and encourage family members, students, teachers and others to sign it.  Have teachers post copies in their classrooms for all of their students to sign.

3. Participate in one of the A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute training programs (programs are designed for 30-35 student participants or 30-40 adult participants). Training options include: 
  • Becoming an Ally: Interrupting Name Calling and Bullying: An interactive and participatory program which provides practical opportunities to engage students in exploring the harm of name-calling and bullying and to develop and practice skills to respond to incidents. (Available for students of all ages or adults)Northridge
  • CyberALLY™ : Provides practical information and opportunities for skill-building that will support students in developing personal strategies for protecting themselves against cyberbullying as well as acting as cyberallies—preventing and taking action against cyberbullying and social cruelty in online forums. (Middle and high school students)
  • Peer Training (Two full days): Provides students with the training resources to design and lead interactive programs that contribute to respectful bias-free schools and communities. (High school students only)
  • Teacher Training: Provides teachers and staff skills, knowledge and resources to respond to bias and prejudice in the classroom. An additional option is ADL‟s interdisciplinary, standards-based Anti-Bias Study Guides which helps to sustain a diversity education focus throughout the year.

Aspen Creek Activity Three-Safe Zone4. Complete three or more activities during the school year that align with the mission of No Place for Hate®.
Choose from the projects listed in the ADL's " 101 Ways to Make Positive Impact" or be creative and design your own projects consistent with the No Place for Hate® message. Feel free to continue existing projects or programs, as long as you explicitly connect them to No Place For Hate®. Projects should be tailored to meet the needs of your school. When each project is complete, collect supplemental materials (press releases, articles, photos, videos, etc.) along with a very brief project description and upload them on the online system.

5. Document all steps and activities by uploading necessary forms and share photos. 

CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed all activities and ADL will officially designate your school No Place for Hate® In a year-end celebration breakfast, ADL will publicly designate your school No Place for Hate® and present a banner to commemorate this milestone.

Schools must complete these steps annually to be re-designated No Place for Hate®.

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