About the Institute

The Institute on Management and Leadership is a premier and engaging two-day executive education program led by the Leadership for a Networked World at Harvard University. This event invites private sector partners to sit alongside state chief administrators to discuss challenges for 2018 and develop new tools for success in state government.

Theme: Leading Sustainable Innovation

Leading sustainable change is at the heart of what it means to be a state chief administrator. And the urgency for results is palpable – with gubernatorial elections in 36 states in 2018 – what state chief administrators do in the months ahead to deliver results is critically important. For those who are facing a change in administration, the focus will be implementing strategies to solidify and sustain innovation. For others who will remain in office, the emphasis is on scaling and accelerating transformations to achieve new outcomes that matter to citizens.

To effectively lead sustainable innovation, today’s state chief administrators must grapple with big questions: What strategies can we employ to move forward innovation in a shifting environment? How do we foster continuity through a change in leadership? What steps can we take to prepare for successions? How can we develop people and teams that can operate effectively in the midst of great change and build a culture of innovation and continuous improvement?

At the 2018 Institute on Management and Leadership, participants will learn about and share best practices on leading sustainable innovation in government. In particular, the Institute will address this critical issue from multiple lenses:

  • Leadership: How can chief administrators establish a sense of urgency, cultivate relationships across an ecosystem of partners, and navigate the political environment to sustain top initiatives?
  • Human Capital: How can chief administrators empower people and teams to accelerate innovation initiatives, operate effectively in the midst of great change, and sustain transformation efforts?
  • Strategy: What changes to organizational design – including structures, systems, processes, and overall operations – will enable uptake of innovation as well as help institutionalize positive innovations?
  • Technology: How can we leverage digital innovations – such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, network-enabled platforms, and robust data and analytics – in order to accelerate innovation and transformation? 

Together, attendees of the Institute will explore strategies to manage the lifecycle of innovation, craft effective narratives to sustain transformations, and build the strategies to deliver results.  

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