2018 Summer of Service Meal Pack Challenge (Hub Site)

AARP Foundation

Life doesn’t always go as planned — especially for the 1 in 3 seniors struggling to meet their basic needs. 

Today, more than 10 million people over 50 are living in poverty in the U.S., and more than 37 million are just one life event away from slipping into it. The seniors who struggle with poverty taught our children, cared for our parents, protected our communities and our country. And they’re confronting life-altering challenges that they never expected.

AARP Foundation works to end senior poverty by helping vulnerable older adults build economic opportunity and social connectedness. As AARP’s charitable affiliate, we serve AARP members and nonmembers alike. Bolstered by vigorous legal advocacy, we spark bold, innovative solutions that foster resilience, strengthen communities and restore hope. 


What We Do

AARP Foundation is tackling senior poverty by sparking bold, innovative solutions that help vulnerable older adults build economic opportunity and social connectedness.


AARP Foundation Helps Older Adults Build Economic Opportunity

We seek out remedies that equip low-income older adults with the skills and resources to increase their financial stability and overcome existing or future crises. We are teaching struggling jobseekers the skills they need to compete with confidence for today’s in-demand jobs, and making it easier for low-income consumers to develop healthy eating habits on a budget (for example, encouraging them to purchase and eat more fresh produce). We are also developing strategies to help make communities affordable, livable and healthy for everyone, regardless of age or physical ability, and helping older adults build savings to see them through financial challenges.

AARP Foundation Helps Older Adults Build Social Connections

Research shows that social isolation has a profoundly negative effect on health, especially for low-income older adults. Humans need connection. That’s why we’re exploring creative ways to help older adults connect and stay connected — to each other and to their communities. We are engaging older volunteers in their communities, putting their wisdom to work while helping them regain a sense of purpose.


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