2019 Clean Label Conference

2019 Clean Label Conference

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The Global Food Forums® staff invites you to explore our other product development conferences and valuable technical resources.


The 2020 Sweetener Systems Conference (March 24, 2020, at the Westin Hotel, Itasca, IL USA) is designed for technologists involved in product formulations.

The program will provide insights and actionable information on hot topics related to sweeteners. Examples of sessions include updates on consumer attitudes, formulating for sugar reduction, emerging technologies, nutritional aspects, sensory, regulatory and analytical issues. Core to the event will be the properties and interactions of a range of ingredients that impact the sweetness perception and performance of finished products.


The 7th annual 2019 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar (May 21-22, 2019), at the Westin Hotel in Itasca, IL USA) is the leading product development conference on proteins and protein-enhanced food, beverage & nutritional products.


Global Food Forums bullet point The Pre-conference: "Business Strategies" Program, May 21st, provides insights into fundamental and ever-changing factors impacting the global protein ingredient market. It includes current and future protein global supply, demand and pricing; competitive industries and business opportunities; consumer and manufacturer trends; and game-changing factors in emerging technologies and regulations.

Global Food Forums bullet point The Technical Program: "Formulating with Proteins", May 22nd, offers product developers impartial, practical advice in working with value-added, solution-providing protein ingredients. Topics include beneficial protein properties, emerging nutritional aspects, characteristics and uses of extruded proteins, allergenicity management, regulatory labeling updates and more.

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