The fifth in a series of annual events convened by the World Bank Group the 2019 DFF will be organized as a purpose-driven, design forum. Unlike a traditional conference, the format will be interactive, facilitated by “The Value Web” and designed to help participants identify and forge a shared understanding of the most practical and promising actions that participants can implement to effect change. The DFF will be organized around 3 themes - Agribusiness, Digital Infrastructure, and Transport and Logistics. The focus will be on identifying solutions and creating an environment where the primary stakeholder groups can align to address constraints, so creating the conditions where private investment is mobilized and can flourish.
The 2019 DFF builds on the previous events held in Rotterdam (2015), Dublin (2016), West Africa (Ghana, Senegal and Côte d’Ivoire, 2017) and Rwanda (2018). These events, have brought together local and international stakeholders with the capacity to change the risk-return landscape and align the public and private sectors around the shared objective of increasing private investment in the most challenging markets.