2020 Super Summit


Sophisticated Solutions for Simplified Products


•    Sponsorships and a maximum of 35 tabletop exhibits. This product development event provides suppliers with a couple of key benefits. First, it's a "rifle-shot" marketing event that's 100% dedicated on clean and simply labeled foods & beverages. It also provide suppliers with an excellent opportunity for demo's that showcase your ingredients in various applications, increased interaction with attendees and enhancing your clean label brand with hard-to-see R&D decision-makers.

•    R&D and other technical staffs have an opportunity for one-on-one discussions with vendors during net-working sessions. Tabletop exhibits offer product formulators the opportunity to be introduced to ingredients that provide solutions to clean label challenge

Please click here for the 2020.CLC.Sponsorship.TT.Sept.1 document to review the list of exciting sponsorship options and tabletops.

See companies that had sponsorships and tablet top exhibits at the 2019 Clean Label Conference.

For information on how your company can become a sponsor or a tabletop exhibitor, please contact Peter Havens at Peter@GlobalFoodForums.com or 1-630-621-0230.

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The 2020 Clean Label Conference sponsors and tabletop exhibitors will be listed here. As they are posted, please click on the logos to access company websites. At the event itself, enjoy networking with their representatives and visiting their tabletop exhibit.
Austrade; Bay State Milling; Beneo; Chr. Hansen; CP Kelco; Clarkson Specialty Lecithins; DDW; Edlong; Exandal; Flavor Producers; Fibersol; Grain Millers; Herbstreith & Fox; Icon Foods; Ingredion; Munzing; Naturex; Nexira; Prova; Siemer Specialty; Synergy Flavors; Third Wave; Tree Top; WTI.

 Sponsor of the Seat Covers and an Exhibitor
 INGREDION LOGO_11.21.2019

Bring your products to life with ingredients consumers recognize and accept to help build clean label appeal. Rely on Ingredion’s deep applications expertise and broad portfolio of ingredients, including many Non-GMO Project Verified and organic solutions that overcome formulation challenges and help keep consumers coming back for more. When you work with us, you can offer consumers the simpler, yet delicious foods and beverages they prefer. Visit our tabletop or learn more at www.ingredion.us/simplified.

 Sponsor of the Tuesday Night Reception and an Exhibitor

Tree Top believes everyone deserves good food. With its headquarters in the heart of Washington state’s bountiful fruit country, it remains committed to its co-op’s small-town roots and rural values. As one of the world’s largest producers of fruit-ingredient products from dried apples, fruit-juice concentrates to fruit purees and formulated fruit preps, Tree Top is a primary ingredient supplier to the U.S. market and global food and beverage industry.

 Sponsor of the Hotel Keycard and an Exhibitor

Grain Millers, Inc. is a leader in the manufacture of clean label conventional, organic and gluten-free, whole-grain ingredients and derivatives. Grain Millers uses modern milling technology and state-of-the-art automated systems to manufacture natural fibers, flakes, flours, brans and mixes from oats as well as wheat, rye, barley, triticale, corn, flax and ancient grains. All of Grain Millers' mills are organic, non-GMO and BRC-certified.

 Sponsor of the Lanyards and an Exhibitor

Third Wave Bioactives is focused on developing novel, science-based, microbial solutions for the food and pet industries. Our range of natural, non-GMO cultured ingredients is designed to enhance flavor profile of perishable foods while maintaining product quality and shelf-life, which helps customers meet the growing consumer demand for healthier, cleaner-labeled foods. Third Wave’s open innovation platform and collaborative team make product selection and project engagement simple.

 Sponsor of the Wednesday Reception and an Exhibitor

Nexira is the world leader in acacia gum and a premier supplier of organic ingredients and active botanical extracts for the food, nutrition and health industries. Clean up your label with our natural, functional and nutritional ingredients! Nexira offers natural solutions for your technological challenges (select acacia gum as a natural texturizer or clean emulsifier). Our natural botanical extracts are perfect to fortify your formulation (e.g., native vitamins, natural fiber…). Keep your ingredient list short and simple with our label-friendly ingredients.

 Sponsor of the Clean Label Conference Magazine and an Exhibitor

With WTI on your side you’ll have an innovation partner, dedicated to applying industry insights strategically and creatively. You’ll have much safer clean label products with longer shelflife. WTI produces dry and liquid clean label, all natural, organic, low sodium and traditional antimicrobials for a variety of food product applications that improve food by inhibiting pathogens, extending shelflife, enhancing yield and improving quality.

 Sponsor of the Attendee Bag and an Exhibitor

SSI is a manufacturer of naturally treated grain products that are designed to replace chemically modified ingredients in various applications. You can remove modified food starches from soup; replace chlorinated cake flour with a natural alternative; and use ingredients such as wheat flour in applications where food safety is of concern.

 Sponsor of the Wednesday PM Break and an Exhibitor

Edlong offers the broadest portfolio of natural dairy and dairy-free flavors that provide unique functionality to build mouthfeel and enhance sweetness perception, creating truly nostalgic and decadent products—all while delivering authentic taste and helping simplify labels. Edlong’s proprietary Sweet Spot® line was inspired by naturally sweet dairy compounds and can be used to help provide sweetness perception and improved mouthfeel in reduced sugar products. Re-imagine your next innovation.

 Sponsor of the Wednesday AM In-conference Beverage and an Exhibitor

Crafting with a palette of nature’s ingredients, Flavor Producers has been artfully deconstructing natural and organic taste for over thirty years. Driven by our creative spirit and a passion for discovering the flavors of nature, Flavor Producers has established one of the largest certified organic portfolios in the industry. Our newest breakthrough technology, Rutz™ utilizes the power of plants to showcase the flavors of nature in their most transparent form.

 Sponsor of the Lanyard and an Exhibitor

Naturex, part of Givaudan—sources, manufactures and markets natural specialty ingredients for the food and health industries. Naturex’s portfolio includes colors, natural preservation ingredients, specialty fruits & vegetables, phytoactives and numerous other plant-based natural ingredients— all designed to help its customers switch to natural ingredients and create healthy, authentic and effective products.

Naturex was founded in 1992 and is now part of Givaudan, the global leader in the creation of flavors and fragrances.

 Sponsor of the Thursday AM Break and an Exhibitor

Bay State Milling Company offers the industry’s most comprehensive array of organic ingredients from whole grain, sprouted grain and gluten-free ancient grain flours to flavorful seeds and customized blends. Through varietal solutions, we connect farm to food with innovative ingredients such as SowNaked™ high protein, purity protocol oats and HealthSense™ high fiber wheat. Let us support the development of your next-generation, clean-label food.

 Sponsor of the Clean Label Conference Magazine and an Exhibitor

MUNZING’s MAGRABAR® products have been developed for a wide range of applications in the food industry and are designed to provide exceptional initial knockdown and long-lasting defoaming during food processing. We offer both liquid and powder defoamers with options suitable for organic, non-GMO and identity preserved processing. MAGRABAR products are allergen free, Kosher and Halal and are produced in a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certified facility, operating under food GMPs and a HACCP-based food safety system.

 Sponsor of the Clean Label Conference Magazine and an Exhibitor

Exandal is a leading producer of Tara Gum, a 100% natural gum obtained from the Tara Tree. Our Conventional and Organic Gum is a cost-effective replacer of Locust Bean Gum and also has excellent interaction behavior with others such as Carrageenan, Xanthan, Agar, etc. Our healthy gum is a perfect fit for Clean Label with applications in dairy, desserts, sauces, condiments, bakery, processed fruit & meats. Along with our production plant in Peru, we have offices and warehouses in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

 Clarkson_Specialty_Lecithins logo for the 2020 Super Summit

Looking for a trusted supplier with 15 years’ experience of clean label lecithins? Clarkson Specialty Lecithins has the lecithins you need! The industry leader for Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Non-Allergen, and the world’s first Non-Solvent Extracted Natural Lecithin. We are the only company in North America with 2 U.S. locations dedicated to the manufacturing of specialty lecithins. We can meet the quality standards and supply your company demands for food, infant, or USP grade lecithins.


As a global, nature-based ingredient solutions company, we are ready to partner with you to unlock nature-powered success for your clean label products. We apply ingredient innovation and problem solving to everything we do, from our sustainably sourced raw materials and regional insights to our applications expertise. Whether you want to achieve a vegan, organic-compliant or non-GMO formulation, or shorter ingredient list, we can help you create products that engage, delight and reassure consumers.


BENEO offers clean label, non-GMO, natural ingredients derived from chicory root, sugar beet, rice and wheat. These ingredients offer many solutions for today’s development challenges such as reducing fat and sugar, improving texture and stability, or replacing unwanted ingredients with label-friendly, natural alternatives. BENEO ingredients also improve a product’s nutritional profile. With support of its expert departments (BENEO-Institute & BENEO Technology Center), BENEO helps customers create foods that meet today’s expectations for better nutrition and health.


The company group Herbstreith & Fox is a producer of high-quality pectin for the food and non-food industries. The product range is supplemented by the subsidiary Herbafood Ingredients GmbH. Herbafood produces functional dietary fibers with a focus on citrus or apple fibers. These fit perfectly into “clean & simple” concepts for vegan emulsions as well as for stabilization, texturization and increasing the viscosity in food applications. The medium to dark-brown colored apple extract, Herbarom, adds taste accents by rounding off flavor profiles with applications in beverages, baked goods, sauces and meat products. www.herbstreith-fox.de/en/


Mother nature supplies the raw materials while DDW adds more than 150 years of coloring expertise. This partnership has led to the development of natural colors sourced from fruits and vegetables; simple label browns including NaturBrown®; and organic options with a traceable supply chain—all dedicated to keeping your label as transparent as possible. Stop by our booth to learn more about how we simplify your label while keeping your products looking their best.


Synergy Flavors® is a supplier of flavors, extracts and essences for the global food and beverage industry. With 130 years of expertise, Synergy combines a heritage of flavor development with proprietary extraction technology, blending art and science to create exceptional taste profiles.

Synergy captivates the senses with organic and clean label formulations. Our collective knowledge provides formulators with an ability to develop products that strike the perfect balance of inspiring taste and clean label requirements.


Chr. Hansen Natural Colors is the only provider of natural colors that combines 140 years of unique application and regulatory expertise with a strong global presence and the widest natural color portfolio in the industry. We are experts at helping companies convert to and utilize natural colors. All our raw ingredients are specifically sourced from nature to offer bright and consistent solutions.


Fibersol® is a premier line of soluble prebiotic dietary fiber ingredients that can deliver beyond traditional digestive health benefits, to give consumers' foods and beverages a range of positive and preventive nutritional benefits. Fibersol® helps meet consumer demand for digestive health, satiety, microbiome support, and calorie and sugar reduction benefits. Highly dispersible, neutral-tasting Fibersol® is easily formulated and has demonstrated superior levels of tolerance versus typical fibers, all supporting greater consumer acceptance.


Give your customer a label with ingredients they understand. Austrade has a comprehensive portfolio of clean label starches; sweeteners; lecithin; plant proteins; protein rich flours; fruit and juice powders; nut oils and seed extracts; and 100% natural fruit sweeteners from apples|dates|grapes!


Icon Foods specializes in supplying the health food industry with natural alternatives to sugar. We have nutritive and non-nutritive solutions to your clean label conundrum. Whether you are an established brand looking to reformulate for your consumers, or a food startup looking to break into the low-carb industry, we can get you the ingredients you need. We specialize in Ketogenic, Diabetic, Paleo, and Sugar-Free product solutions.


PROVA is the sweet brown flavoring specialist and a market leader with outstanding products that include vanilla extracts and flavors; ground vanilla beans; cocoa extracts and flavors; and coffee extracts and flavors. Our full line of sweet brown flavors ranges from almond to zabaglione.

PROVA’s solid portfolio of clean label options, including organic and allergen-free flavors, can help you create products consumers are demanding. Trust PROVA to be your flavor solution partner.


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