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Fill out the information below, then click the Next button at the bottom of the page to proceed. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • IMPORTANT: Badge Upgrades, Event Tickets and Merchandise are not secured until your payment has been processed.
  • There is only one type of badge - the AdeptiCon 2018 Weekend Badge. This badge allows you access to the convention for all four days. For more information about the AdeptiCon 2018 Weekend Badge and upgrades, please click here.
  • The Weekend Badge DOES NOT automatically come with a swag bag. If you wish to receive a swag bag, you must upgrade your badge during the registration process on the next page. You may only choose one badge upgrade. We CANNOT guarantee that each swag bag will be identical. AdeptiCon receives items in varying quantities and we will do our best to make each swag bag as equitable as possible.
  • Do You Need an AdeptiCon Badge Just To Observe? Absolutely not! AdeptiCon has always fully encouraged spectators of all ages. An AdeptiCon Badge is only required if you plan on playing in an event, attending a seminar or entering the Crystal Brush Painting Competition. The gaming and vendor halls are otherwise open to the public.

AdeptiCon Weekend Badge
  AdeptiCon 2018 Weekend Badge (required, unlimited)
AdeptiCon Weekend Badge Upgrades
  AdeptiCon 2018 Premium Weekend Badge Upgrade (optional, limited to 1200)
  AdeptiCon 2018 VIG Weekend Badge Upgrade (optional, limited to 200 attendees)

You will be able to register other people and purchase tickets for them after you have completed compiling your own convention schedule. Please note that each registration needs a unique email address associated with it.

An account will be created for you during registration. You will be able to access your registration information by using your email address and confirmation number at any point after registering.

* Items in red are required.