AP Seminars Silicon Valley ONLINE Week 1 (7/19/21-7/22/21)


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & Answers

Question: In 2020, will AP* Seminars Silicon Valley be online or in-person?

Due to the Covid19 pandemic, we are exercising an abundance of caution to protect the health of all participants and presenters. 

Question: Will the 2020 Online APSI be on ZOOM? How will it differ from the in-person institute?

Yes! You may already be familiar with the Zoom platform, teaching your own students virtually. Zoom offers the ideal way to connect with your presenter and classmates... second only to in-person sessions.

Each of our presenting consultants has adapted their excellent material to equip you with the skills and personal insights you need to prepare your students successfully. Although you will not be in-person, you will interact synchronously (together) with presenters and fellow teachers in Zoom classrooms and break out groups. Some parts of your learning will be done asynchronously (not together)- on your own time. The particular schedules for how this is done will be at the discretion of each session presenter.

You will be sent more details on accessing your classroom after your registration is finalized.

Question: How do I confirm that I'm registered?

There are two steps to a confirmed registration: Cvent Registration and AP Seminars payment.

Registrations are approved upon payment.

The Cvent system will send an automatic confirmation email once you finish registration.

AP Seminars will process your payment, usually within 2-3 days of submitting your online credit card authorization or receipt of a check. If you have not received confirmation of your registration, assume you are NOT registered.

Registrations are approved upon payment.

You can contact the institute director for information:   

Phone (650-964-3082); email: Duane Hinders

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Question: Can I depend on my district to promptly process my papers? (spoiler: no)

NO!!!!! Every year a few teachers find out that they are not going to be attending the workshop because their districts failed to process their papers in a timely fashion. They'll call a week before the workshop starts asking why they haven't heard anything yet, just to find out they're not registered because the district never processed anything. Worse yet, some of these teachers turned in their paper work as early as January or February.

Please note: registration deadlines refer to when PAID registrations are RECEIVED by AP* Seminars, not when they are submitted to your district.

If you haven't received confirmation that your registration has been approved, contact your district business office or AP* Seminars (see FAQ#1) to find out your status.

Question: Can I register after the registration deadline?

No guarantees. Deadlines are there for a reason (guarantees to housing* and classrooms*, printing*, ordering College Board materials, etc.). We typically accept registrations for sessions which still have space until a few days before workshops begin, with payment-in-full. 

For last minute registrations, as such, we do not guarantee the participant will receive his/her College Board materials during the Institute. College Board materials will be mailed directly to the home or school. We reserve the right to close registration at any time after July 1. 

*For 2020, we do not have all of the normal guarantees that limit last minute registrations, but class size is limited to 30 and College Board materials still must be ordered in advance.

Question: Why are only fully paid registration accepted after July 1?

In most school districts, there is a significant time lag between requests for payment and the actual mailing of a payment check.  Our experience is that few districts are able to process payment prior to the workshop (which begins on July 27) for requests submitted after July 1. This is open to discussion (e.g., we would probably be open to an unpaid registration on, say, July 15 if we had assurances from the district to pay by credit card within a few days). 

Please contact us if your situation requires special attention so we can talk about it. 

Question: What do you mean by "Registrations unpaid as of July 1 may be subject to cancellation.?"

In the event a class is full and there is a waitlist, paid registrations will take precedence over unpaid registrations.  If someone on the waitlist is willing to pay, you (if you have registered but not yet paid) will be given the option of either paying for your registration or giving up your spot to someone else.  Placement in a class is not guaranteed until all fees have been paid.

Question: What's with the cancelation fees?

NO refunds are guaranteed within 30 days of the start of the workshop since this is the date by which we must make our final guarantees to housing and Palo Alto High School. Once guarantees are made, AP* Seminars becomes liable whether you attend or not. We also have course specific printed materials, the cost for which we are responsible. 

If we do get additional enrollments after your request, so that we can still make our guarantees without your canceled registration, then we will refund your registration fee subject to the administrative cancelation fee of $50 ($100 after July 1).  

In 2020, because of the online format, please contact us 650-964-3082 regarding a need to cancel.

Question: Are there any other fees beyond the registration fee?

There are no additional required fees beyond that which is included on your registration form.


In a typical year, some optional fees you may encounter are:

• On campus housing recreation center, you will receive a card when you check in identifying you as a summer conference participant. This provides you access to various campus facilities such as gyms and pools. However, there is an additional fee to use the facilities. 

• If you desire college credit, you have the option of purchasing two semester graduate units (issued by San Diego State University). Information about how to obtain credit will be posted in the Pre-Conference Materials section (which becomes active the month before the conference) of APSeminars.com.