CFA Society Toronto Climate Change Series: From Idea to Action

CFA Society Toronto Climate Change Series: From Idea to Action

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Hosted By: Institutional Asset Management Committee partnered with PwC
Level: General
Format: Online

Climate Change Series Overview:

There is a growing consensus that Climate Change will reshape how financial organizations and investors think about climate-related risks.  Demands for transparency, measurement and action will only increase as the issue comes to the forefront. Trends in Climate Change also present a new set of Green investment opportunities. CFA Society Toronto is pleased to introduce a series of three discussions about Climate Change for financial professionals and investors, specifically for those who are keen to get practical guidance 

about how to address this risk and benefit from new opportunities.  Experts will walk the audience through the journey of integrating Climate Change considerations into their analysis, how to measure the risks, and how to think about proactively investing in Green initiatives. These discussions will help organizations progress from a state of wanting to support the idea of Climate Change initiatives to one of having the ability to take tangible actions within their organizations.

 Participants have the option to register for individual sessions at a per session rate (any combination of up to 2 sessions) or attend all 3 sessions at discounted package rate. 

Session 1: The Climate Journey
Concerns about Climate Change are increasing amid predictions that it will have lasting impacts on financial portfolios. Incorporating Climate Change considerations into a financial or investment framework can be a daunting task for organizations as they must identify their own risks and goals for Climate Change, quantify these risks, and integrate these considerations into their decision-making processes. This session will feature seasoned experts who will discuss the broad considerations that must be undertaken in order to develop a robust plan for moving forward with a Climate Change strategy.

Session 2: Measuring Climate Risk
What gets measured, gets managed and it is no different for Climate Change risks. Organizations are grappling with how best to measure and benchmark their climate-related risks. Furthermore, they must consider which targets are appropriate and what measures must be taken to attain those targets. This panel of experts will present the broad set of methodologies and tools available to manage this process as well as methodologies for communicating KPIs.

Session 3: Investing for Climate Change
While risks must be managed and measured, Climate Change also offers opportunities for those interested in investing towards a Green future. Investors can take many approaches to adapting their portfolios to support Green initiatives and commensurately generate attractive returns. This panel will discuss various approaches
to investing to integrate Climate Change considerations into an investment program. Panelists will discuss 
the many ways a manager can take advantage of and benefit from Climate Change-related progress.  

Important Information: Once registered, participants will be sent a link with the zoom details 1-2 business days prior to the scheduled session.


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  • When

  • Tuesday, February 2, 2021 - Tuesday, February 9, 2021
    9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
    Eastern Time

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