Check Adjustments Insights into Investigation Types (ITYPs)

This webinar is offered for a per-connection fee of $300 and is payable via credit card only. Attendees can earn up to 3.3 Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) credits and/or up to 3.3 National Check Professional (NCP) credits by attending this webinar. An institution may allow several participants to attend the webinar using a single connection.

This webinar is intended for all institutions. We will review some of the most common investigation types institutions encounter in today's processing environment, including Encoding Error (ENC), Late Return Claim (LC), Late Return Disclaimer (LR) and Paid Item (PAID).

The purpose of the Insights into Investigation Types (ITYPs) webinar is to provide customers with more detailed information regarding the usage and case submission requirements of various investigation types, as well as required forms and documentation associated with each ITYP covered. This webinar session will focus on the proper usage of ITYPs from the perspectives of both depositors and receivers of cash/return letters.

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