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Carolene Leibl
AP Biology - New & Experienced
Bryan Passwater
AP Calculus AB - Experienced
Bryan Passwater taught AP Calculus AB and BC at Lebanon High School, in Lebanon, IN for 7 years before joining the AP-TIP IN program at the University of Notre Dame in 2012. Acting as the Director of Mathematics and CS for the AP-TIP IN program, Bryan trained, mentored and supported over 1000 AP calculus teachers around the country. Bryan has led dozens of 1-day, 2-day and weeklong AP workshops from San Francisco to New York City and has been an AP reader since 2013. He is passionate about teaching AP calculus and is highly motivated to provide great trainings, support, resources and encouragement to AP Calculus teachers everywhere. In 2017, Bryan decided to go back to the classroom full time and currently teaches AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, and pre-calculus in Indianapolis, Indiana. Bryan was a member of College Board’s AP Calculus Instructional Design Committee committed to providing the support that AP Calculus teachers need to build and grow a successful AP Calculus classroom. Additionally, he has helped develop the AP Calculus curriculum for the KIPP foundation schools across the country and written AP Calculus resources for Propel, Applied Practice, the College Board and The National Math and Science Initiative. Bryan lives in Carmel, IN with his wife Mary, an elementary school teacher, and their two kids, Adeline (17) and Aydin (15).

Email: bryanpasswater1@gmail.com
Twitter: @bpasswat
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Scott Pass
AP Calculus AB - New
Tony Record.jpg
Tony Record
AP Calculus BC - New & Experienced
Anthony (Tony) Record has recently completed his 30th year as a mathematics teacher at Avon High School, a western suburb of Indianapolis, IN. During his time at Avon, he has played a role in helping the school’s AP Calculus program grow from 12 students to nearly 300. He received his B.A. from Indiana University and his M.S. from Butler University. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Tony is an active consultant with both the National Math & Science Initiative and the College Board having trained teachers and worked with students in 27 states. He also actively serves as a Texas Instruments T^3 Regional Instructor and is currently a Reader for the AP Calculus Exam. Tony is a former Indiana State Teacher of the Year Finalist and Armstrong Teacher Educator with Indiana University. He has authored the AP Calculus AB curriculum for the KIPP charter school system across the United States and has written several test preparation materials for various print and online publishers such as Propel Enterprises, www.albert.io and GetAFive.com as well as worked as a problem reviewer for Barron’s AP Calculus AB/BC Prep book. He lives in Avon, IN with his wife and two teen-aged children. In his spare time, he loves to play guitar and is active in with central Indiana’s Hendricks Civic Theatre having appeared in several productions.

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Youtube: Tony Record
Twitter: @APCalcTchr
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Fred Vital
AP Chemistry - New & Experienced
Fred Vital brings over 20 years of classroom experience to Colorado Education Initiative. He teaches AP chemistry and standard chemistry at Darien High School in Darien, Connecticut. He has taught all levels of chemistry and also teaches at the local community college.

Fred is a College Board consultant, former member of the AP Chemistry Test Development Committee, serves as a Table Leader and AP Reader at the AP exam grading session. He is also a Pre-AP Chemistry curriculum writer, College Board Pre-AP National Faculty and SAT Chemistry Subject Test Development Committee member. He is also a co-operating teacher for the education program at Fairfield University and Sacred Heart University.

Fred was the 2010 New England Institute of Chemists Connecticut Secondary School Chemistry Teacher of the Year and is proud of being awarded the 2017 Darien HS Inspiring Teacher of the year as voted by the school body. Fred can be found in the classroom before and after school helping students with chemistry. This is a testament to his dedication to student success.

Fred holds an MA and MS from Columbia University and BS from Fairfield University. When not doing all things chemistry, he enjoys running and keeping up with the New York sports teams. Fred played and coached volleyball for many years. Fred and his loving wife Jill are parents to six children ranging from 22 to 11.
Travis Burton
AP Computer Science A - New & Experienced
R. Travis Burton holds a Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M University and a Master’s degree in Education from the University of North Texas. After leaving a career in the private sector as a project manager, Mr. Burton became a computer science teacher at Samuel Clemens High School in Schertz, Texas. As a large school, by Texas standards, Samuel Clemens High School educates students from a variety of backgrounds. At Samuel Clemens Mr. Burton has found success teaching this diverse group of students the fundamentals of computer programming among other subjects such as Cyber Security, AP Art History, and AP Statistics. Mr. Burton is an active participant in the AP community; he is a CP SC A item writer for ETS and regularly attends the AP Computer Science A Reading, currently held in Kansas City, Missouri, to collaborate with his peers and stay current with the trends of the AP CS A Exam.
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Andy Kuemmel
AP Computer Science Principles - New & Experienced
Andy Kuemmel was a member of the first AP CS Principles Test Development Committee and has continued to help set the direction of the course in the years since. He taught AP CS Principles as a Pilot Instructor and teacher at West High School in Madison, WI, where he created his own CSP curriculum and taught it to over 60 students per year. He authored several College Board documents, including a CS Principles Course Planning and Pacing Guide, a CS Principles Official Syllabus, and solutions to the 2016 Practice Exam. He has served as a reader and table leader for the CS Principles reading, and is a contributing CS Principles question writer for ETS. Andy also has worked as the College Board CS Principles Teacher Community Moderator and as a College Board CS Principles Online Mentor.

After 30 years of teaching high school, Andy took a position as a lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he teaches their version of CS Principles as well as introductory courses for majors. Andy presents at several AP Summer Institutes and provides professional development for teachers in his home state of Wisconsin.
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Brandon Abdon
AP English Language & Composition - Experienced
Timothy Freitas
AP English Language & Composition - New
Timm Freitas has been teaching AP English Language for 10 years, and he has been instructing AP English Literature for seven; he is currently in his second year teaching at Whitinsville Christian School where he also teaches theology and honors underclassmen; prior to his move, he was at Blackstone Valley Tech for 8 years where he taught all levels--and grades--of learners. His second year into teaching AP English Language, he was invited to be a consultant for the Massachusetts Math and Science Initiative (now Mass Insight Education) for student Saturday sessions, and in 2015, he was offered a position as a two-day professional development facilitator. Since 2015, Timm has been an active AP reader, and he has professionally facilitated sessions for Mass Insight's October 2-day teacher conferences; though most years he presents AP Lang content, in 2018, he worked as a Lit consultant. In 2017, Timm was invited to present at the Annual AP Conference in Washington D.C., and it was after this time he was also invited to work on the College Board's Instructional Design Team for the new AP English Language frameworks. After gaining experience, Timm is now a College-Board-endorsed AP English Language consultant. In conjunction with all of the aforementioned, he is also a consultant for the National Math and Science Initiative, is in the process of collaborating on a text book, and is operating and maintaining the Garden of English: a place where he can work with teachers across the globe to assist them with their craft. Materials can be accessed here: www.gardenofenglishresources.weebly.com
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Elizabeth Davis
AP English Literature & Composition - Experienced
Elizabeth Davis is a 1988 graduate of Texas A&M University with an English Composite teaching field. After fifteen years at A&M Consolidated High School in College Station and fourteen years at Westwood High School in Austin, she has returned “home” to teach at College Station High School. Over the past thirty-one years, she has taught Advanced Placement, honors, and on-level junior and senior English, sponsored the yearbook and student council, and served as English Department chair at two high schools. Elizabeth has been an endorsed consultant for English Literature since 2001. She has been a reader for the English Language exam and this year joined the English Literature reading team. She also worked in collaboration with The College Board in developing the new English Literature resources for 2019-2020. Having taught both AP English Literature and AP English Language has deepened her understanding of making connections and building bridges between the two courses and reinforced the importance of teaching writing and analysis at all levels of the vertical team, intentionally scaffolding instruction of skills. Outside the classroom, Elizabeth enjoys being a wife, a mother of two young men and their lovely brides, a spoiler of dogs, and a singer in her church choir and praise team.
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Jacqueline Stallworth
AP English Literature & Composition - New
Jacqueline Stallworth has been a high school literature teacher for twenty-three years in both urban and suburban settings. She is an endorsed Advanced Placement literature consultant and also part of the Pre-AP National Faculty. She is also an Advanced Placement literature reader. She founded the Stallworth Educational Consulting Team, a company committed to schools’ curriculum reflecting the diverse world in which we live. She is the writer of the literary blog called The Big Sea. In her free time, she loves cycling, reading, talking about books, and working with educators to create inclusive classrooms.

Twitter: @thebigseablog
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Scott Cole
AP Environmental Science - New & Experienced
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Ann Linsley
AP Human Geography - New & Experienced
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Luke Wilcox
AP Statistics - New & Experienced
LUKE WILCOX is a math teacher and teacher leader from East Kentwood High School, the #1 most diverse high school in the state of Michigan. Luke’s teaching has been recognized with the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching and was most recently honored as the 2017-2018 Michigan Teacher of the Year. Each of these awards has provided him the opportunity to visit the White House. Luke has been teaching AP Statistics for 14 years and has been an AP Statistics Exam reader for the past 6 years. He has written questions for the AP Exam and just finished writing the Teacher’s Edition for one of the widely used AP Statistics textbooks. Along with his colleague Lindsey Gallas, Luke has created www.statsmedic.com, a website dedicated to helping math teachers bring statistics to life.

This workshop will deepen understanding of AP Statistics in a collaborative environment. Big ideas include exploring and visualizing one and two variable data, sampling and experimentation, probability, random variables, sampling distributions, and statistical inference via confidence intervals and significance tests. Simulation is used throughout to increase understanding. We will explore and engage the content through activities that can be implemented immediately in the classroom. Old AP exam questions will be unpacked with a focus on the rubrics used to grade the questions.
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Precious Hall
AP U.S. Government - New & Experienced
Precious Hall, Ph.D. has been teaching Introduction to American Government in post-secondary institutions for more than 10 years. She is an endorsed Advanced Placement U.S. Government and Politics workshop consultant and has served as a member of the Instructional Design Team that has helped to prepare the U.S. Government and Politics Workshop Handbook. She has served as a reader and table leader for AP exams since 2011. She constantly looks for ways to make her workshops and institutes both relevant and useful for all participants in a collaborative and inclusive environment.

By attending an AP Summer Institute, you will:

• Develop a course pacing guide by unit/topic to incorporate the full scope of your AP course into your school’s academic calendar
• Examine formative and summative assessment item types to identify and explain how pairings of content and skills are the focus of instruction and also the targets of these assessments
• Practice applying the scoring guidelines from the most recent AP exam
• Identify resources available through AP Classroom
Karl Johnson flipped.PNG
Karl Johnson
AP U.S. History - New & Experienced
Karl Johnson has over 33 years of experience in the classroom and has been teaching APUSH since 2001.. He has been a College Board consultant since 2014 and has served as a reader and table leader at the AP Reading since 2001. Karl's workshops focus on integrating technology and teaching to multiple intelligences to make APUSH fun for teachers and students alike. After four days in this summer institute you will learn how to mold your students into better writers and critical thinkers, improve your instructional practice, and improve the APUSH scores for your students.

By attending an AP Summer Institute, you will:
• Develop a course pacing guide by unit/topic to incorporate the full scope of your AP course into your school’s academic calendar
• Examine formative and summative assessment item types to identify and explain how pairings of content and skills are the focus of instruction and also the targets of these assessments
• Practice applying the scoring guidelines from the most recent AP exam to samples of student work
• Identify student strengths and weakness using data available through AP Classroom and Instructional Planning Reports
• Walk away with ready-to-use strategies and pedagogical tools shared by an experienced educator within the AP community
• Specific attention will be paid to the following AP resources: Unit Guides, Topic Questions, Personal Progress Checks, Question Bank, Instructional Planning Reports, and the AP Teacher Community.

What should you bring?
• We will be using a lot of technology, so bring your phone and whatever device you like best for working collaboratively online.
• Please prepare an outline of one “best practice” in your classroom to share with your fellow participants. This does not have to be an elaborate presentation, but be prepared to share an outline of a lesson that gets you and your students excited about APUSH. Please include links to any pertinent documents or lesson plans you are sharing.