Finding your X-factor: Energising your talent and reward eXperience

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A deep-dive into today's hottest topics

Our agenda has a series of TED-style talks and client case studies, that will get under the surface of how to energise your talent and reward eXperience. We'll  address big questions like:

  • How do you modernise your Total Rewards Programmes to meet the needs of an ever-changing workforce? 
    Traditional Total Rewards structures may no longer be fit for purpose – but what’s the alternative? What trends and innovative ideas across Total Rewards can energise your talent – existing and new?

  • Is your business ready for digital transformation? 
    Digitisation is disrupting almost all organisations; creating new ways of working and requiring new culture, behaviours and skills for success. Are you enabling readiness for your organisation? How do you reward your digital talent?

  • Is pay-for-performance dead or alive? How do you build a modern high-performance culture?
    Organisations are considering new approaches to performance management and associated reward structures. How do these new approaches align with driving business results and meeting the UK fair pay agenda?

  • How well do you know your workforce? What do your employees value, what engages them and what drives their highest performance?
    Listening to your employees has never been more important. The new Corporate Governance regulations mean the Board needs to care. Knowing what your talent feels and wants is critical for building an engaged and high-performing organisation. How are successful organisations embracing traditional and innovative listening strategies and turning insights into meaningful change?

  • Do you have the right people architecture in place to meet the needs of a modern workforce?
    Traditional people structures are not meeting the needs of modern organisations. What changes are organisations making to their people structures to address issues like gender pay, digital skills and behaviours, different ways of getting work done and organisational transformation?

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