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Global congresses & Meetings Since 1995

Your end customers/patients is always before any body else 

For all types of Industries ODM unlike its rivals offers 360 degrees congress and meeting service including: 

●   an online meeting management system for invitations, budget, registration 
access to venues and accommodation in good locations world wide 
possibility for your guests to book meetings with each other during the event 
social events and networking organized by ODM during congresses
relationship and communication building activities for you and your clients  
  HCP reporting for compliance to pharma meeting planning regulations and codes 


Increase your distributer`s/ Consultants/Sales task force/super achiever`s awareness & knowledge through a 360 degrees engagement in your end Customer`s/patient`s by a 2 ways on line interactive feedback directly to your organisation, contact us to show you how we can do that in a collaboration!

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