North Sea Flow Measurement Workshop


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Ian Phillips
Our Keynote speaker will open the NSFMW 2018 and the New Technology Session.

Ian Phillips has over 30 years’ experience in the upstream oil and gas industry, including 18 years with oil operating companies (Shell, BP, Marathon and Ramco) and 6 years with a major service company (Halliburton). He worked up from being a reservoir engineer involved in exploration and field development projects to being a Project Director responsible for full field development programmes.

In 2007 he became a founding Director of CO2DeepStore Limited, one of the first companies specifically seeking to provide the service of CO2 capture, transportation and deep geological storage to alleviate the worst effects of climate change.

Since September 2014 he has been the Chief Executive of OGIC – the Oil and Gas Innovation Centre – a Scottish government backed research funding agency that is entirely demand-led. OGIC provides grants to support company-led research and development in Scottish Universities.
Craig Marshall
As a Flow Measurement Consultant at NEL, Craig’s responsibilities include working on a large variety of R&D, training and consultancy projects focused on single phase metering technology. He performs a variety of roles including project formulation, project management, technical lead, planning/delivering test work, data analysis and report writing.

Craig has completed work in the technical areas of engineering design and review for custody transfer and fiscal metering measurement systems, measurement allocation philosophy documents, measurement system audits and financial exposure calculations.

Currently, Craig is undertaking a doctorate degree at Coventry University in the area of low Reynolds number flow measurement.

Craig is the Chairman for NSFMW 2018 and is also presenting on 'Advances in Flow Measurement Using a Frictional Pressure Drop' in the New Technology Session on Monday afternoon.
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Eirik Åbro
Eirik graduated from University of Bergen, Department of Physics, Industrial Instrumentation. Eirik holds a PhD in Industrial Instrumentation.

Eirik started out 15 years ago and is specialist within multiphase metering in Equinor. He is working with both multiphase metering and wet gas metering concepts for several topside and subsea projects ongoing in Norway and for international projects. Eirik has broad experiences of implementation and integration of multiphase metering concepts including PVT handling.

Eirik is delivering the Operator Overview to the session on Field Development on Tuesday morning.
Patrick Arnould
Patrick Arnould is a Senior Petroleum Measurement and Allocation Inspector working for the Oil & Gas Authority as part of the team which regulates measurement and allocation systems used offshore and onshore in the determination of quantities produced from licensed areas in the UKCS. Patrick joined the team from industry in 2014 and has worked in Metering and Allocation since graduating in 2006 with a BSc (Hons) in Computing for Artificial Intelligence. Patrick’s prior experience included maintenance and commissioning of metering systems and the use and development of allocation systems.

Patrick is presenting on 'An investigation into the performance and diagnostics from different ultrasonic flow meter integration schemes in asymmetric flow ' in the Maintenance Optimisation session on Wednesday afternoon.
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Bofeng Bai
Prof. Bofeng Bai is the vice director of State Key Laboratory of Multiphase Flow in Power Engineering at Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU) where he has been on the faculty since 1999. He earned all his degrees in Power Engineering & Engineering Thermophysics at XJTU. His research area covers multiphase flow fundamentals and applications in petroleum engineering, power engineering as well as thermal engineering. He has published over hundred journal papers including Journal of Fluid Mechanics and International of Multiphase Flow, given a large number of invited presentations and supervised over twenty doctoral students. He is the member of editorial board of Case Studies in Thermal Engineering (Elsevier) and Interfacial Phenomena and Heat Transfer (Begell House), the recipient of several awards, including China National Ten Thousand Talent Program and China National Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists.

Prof Bai is presenting on 'Pressure drop of wet gas flow through DP flowmeters and new measurement model' in the Field Development 2 session on Wednesday morning.
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Martin Basil
After graduating Martin gained ten years experience in industrial electronics for offshore oil and gas facilities, including two years with medical electronic equipment. This was followed by a short period as an Instrument Engineer with an Engineering Design Contractor and then five years as a Facilities Engineer with Marathon Oil providing support for the Fiscal oil and gas flow measurement facilities on three platforms in the Brae field.

For the past 23 years Martin has worked as Flow Measurement Consultant in his own consultancy business developing flow calculation and allocation software, and specialising in uncertainty analysis of flow measurement and allocation systems.

Martin is presenting on 'Production Allocation Deployment from Concept to Operation' in the Value Realisation session on Tuesday afternoon.
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Marc Buttler
Marc Buttler is the Oil and Gas Application Innovation Director at Emerson’s Micro Motion headquarters in Boulder, CO. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado. Marc has been with Emerson for a total of 30 years in a wide variety of roles. Marc has specialized in custody transfer applications involving both gas and liquid products for many years. He is active with the API Committee on Petroleum Measurement and with the National Conference of Weights and Measures. In addition to working for Emerson, Mr. Buttler has also previously worked for the NIST Office of Weights and Measures.

Marc is presenting on 'Pairing Small Volume Provers with High Precision, High Flowrate Meters' in the Risk Mitigation session on Tuesday afternoon.
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Terry Cousins
Terry has a degree in aeronautical engineering, which is why he loves Reynolds Number, without it we could not have designed aircraft! He started in flow measurement in 1968, and has continued without a break. During this time he has worked on most aspects of flow measurement, design, calibration, problems solving, training and auditing. This has included working with most accepted custody transfer meter designs and in around 25 countries.

Terry is presenting on 'Calibrating and Testing Custody Transfer Hydrocarbon Liquid Meters' in the Risk Mitigation session on Tuesday afternoon.
Jean-Paul Couput
Jean Paul Couput graduated from Superior National School of Mines in France. He obtained a PhD in Physical Chemistry in 1981. He is now working as Allocation & Metering Expert for TOTAL and leading Metering & Allocation department in TOTAL Headquarters (France).

He is active in multiphase metering, wet gas metering, fiscal metering, custody transfer measurements data validation & reconciliation and allocation development and standardization for 25 years.
He is involved both in audits, trainings, projects/operation support and in RD work.

He is author of several papers on multiphase metering & data reconciliation (SPE, FLOMEKO, NSFMW, ADIPEC). He is member of ISO TC 28 & ISO TC 193 .

Jean-Paul is presenting on 'The Use of Multiphase and Wet Gas Flow Meters: From Past to Future' in the Field Development session on Tuesday morning.
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Ron Cramer
A retired (Dec 2015) seasoned professional with an established reputation in the industry providing expertise and mentoring in the Digital Oil Field, Production Optimization, Pipeline Integrity, Leak Detection, Fiber Optics, Production Systems Marketing and Software Development areas.

He has 50 years experience in upstream/downstream production operations, engineering, IT, production optimization and R&D. He has written, published and presented more than 50 EP-related technical papers – many of which relate to the Digital Oil Field and Leak Detection. He has chaired the annual global Subsea Arctic Leak Detection Conference for the last 4 years and was chairing SPE’s Production Data Analytics Workshop, until it was postponed. He has participated in upstream information standards committees and joint industry initiatives. In delivery of services and products to Shell and 3rd Parties, he has demonstrated analytical, commercial, entrepreneurial and customer skills and achieved “trusted advisor” status on numerous occasions. He effectively works across organizational silos and multi-cultural boundaries and has established an effective network, consisting of more than 2000 contacts across the industry. He has achieved both internal and external recognition for contributions as an internationally recognized expert in Production Operations, Leak Detection and Smart Fields and as an ambassador for Shell’s prowess in this area. Received prestigious Shell Global Goal Zero Performance Excellent Award in 2016.

Ron is presenting on 'Multiphase Flow Meter on all Wells – an Operator’s Perspective' in the Field Development Session on Tuesday morning.
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Kjetil Folgerø
Kjetil Folgerø is a senior scientist at Christian Michelsen Research (CMR). He has more than 25 years’ experience within research and technology development. He has been with CMR since 2009 working with multiphase flow measurement, uncertainty analysis, electromagnetic sensor systems, project management, consultancy and lecturing. Before joining CMR, he worked 12 years with development of microwave technology for telecommunication applications. He holds a PhD in Applied Physics from the University of Bergen. His PhD work was on permittivity measurement of petroleum fluids and was carried out at CMR.

Kjetil is presenting on 'Sensor system for detecting hydrate formation and deposition in multiphase flow' in the New Technology session on Monday afternoon.
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Steinar Fosse
Steinar graduated from Technical University in 1978 and has over 40 years working experience within the oil & gas industry. He went from a Contracting company to an Oil company and is now with the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate.

Steinar has participated in various ISO committees and in standarisation on a national level. He has presented papers at national and international conferences during the last 30 years.

Steinar is presenting on 'A field comparison of a fiscal USM gas metering station with a conventional orifice metering station' in Risk Mitigation on Tuesday afternoon.
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Kenneth Gundersen
Kenneth Gundersen has worked at TechnipFMC (formerly FMC and MPM) since 2011 and is currently the Metering Development Manager for the MPM multiphase and wetgas meter where he directs all R&D activities related to flow calculation algorithm development, flow loop testing and advanced functionalities such as water salinity measurement and formation water detection. Kenneth has a PhD in Medical Digital Signal Processing from the University of Stavanger, where he also held a postdoctoral fellowship, working with analysis and modelling of ECGs and other biomedical signals from cardiac arrest patients.

Kenneth is presenting on 'Formation water detection and the effect of MEG' in the Field Development 1 session on Tuesday morning.
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Daniel Heinig
Daniel Heinig is Strategic Product Manager at SICK and has 10 years experience in product management for industrial equipment. Since 2013 he has been working for SICK Flow Measurement. Daniel’s areas of expertise are Ultrasonic Flow Measurement, Software, Usability and Product Design.

Daniel is presenting on 'An innovative approach to increase diagnostic sensitivity in ultrasonic flow meters ' in the Maintenance Optimisation session on Wednesday afternoon.
Sarah Kimpton
Dr Sarah Kimpton is an innovation leader in the Oil and Gas business of DNV GL. Sarah has over 30 years’ experience in the natural gas industry particularly in the areas of gas quality, flow measurement and gas properties. Sarah is currently working on innovation projects with the GB gas networks under RIIO funding from Ofgem. She is the technical lead for the Network Innovation Competition Project Real-Time Networks in partnership with SGN. This paper combines and applies sensor technologies in a new application – flow and gas quality measurement in the gas distribution system.

Sarah is presenting on 'Real-Time Networks Project with SGN' in the Value Realisation on Monday afternoon.
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Remi Andre Kippersund
Remi André Kippersund holds a MSc in acoustics from the University of Bergen and a BSc in Electronics from Bergen University College. Remi has more than 15 years of experience within ultrasonic measurement technology research and development at Christian Michelsen Research AS in Bergen, Norway. His experience includes transducer design for acoustic flow meters for the oil and gas industry, as well as participation and technical management of different acoustic technology research programs at Christian Michelsen Research AS. Remi is the main inventor of the Xsens guided wave ultrasonic technology and has been involved with Xsens AS since the start. Remi is now the VP of R&D at Xsens AS.

Remi is presenting on 'Disruptive clamp-on technology to reduce cost' in the New Technoloy Session on Monday afternoon.
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Christine Kristoffersen
Christine has more than 15 years’ experience in engineering, modification, upgrade and operation of fiscal metering systems.

During her career, she has progressed from Fiscal Metering Technician at Kolsnes gas plant and Hammerfest LNG export facility, to Automation Engineer in Equinor’s technical integrity department, responsible for integrity and availability of fiscal metering systems in Kvitebjørn and Åsgard assets. She is now the Lead Engineer for life extension of the Njord Bravo FSU fiscal metering skid.

Her in-depth knowledge of fiscal metering systems is supplemented with hands-on maintenance and operation experience of oil and gas fiscal meters in the Norwegian continental shelf as well as close engagement with government authorities, representing Equinor’s interests to regulatory bodies.

Christine is presenting on 'Metering Skid Life-extension Challenges – Njord Field Rejuvenation' in the Operational Strategy session on Tuesday afternoon.
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Sandy Marshall
Following completion of a PhD in multiphase flow at Strathclyde University/NEL, Sandy has been working in flow measurement for over 20 years. With a background in Chemical & Process Engineering his initial exposure to oil & operations was as a Petroleum Measurement Inspector for the Department of Trade & Industry before moving into Measurement & Allocation consultancy covering Europe, Africa, the Middle East & Asia.

Since 2010 Sandy has been Nexen measurement focal point for brownfield modifications, fiscal & allocation metering systems as well as new field tie-backs.

Sandy is giving the operator overview for Operational Strategy on Tuesday afternoon.
Chris Mills
Chris is a chartered chemical & process engineer with over ten years’ experience in flow measurement. Chris currently works for TUV SUD NEL as a flow measurement engineer, predominately in consultancy engineering work. He has practical experience with calibrating and operating a range of flowmeter technologies including Coriolis, positive displacement, ultrasonic, turbine and differential pressure devices. Chris is currently completing his engineering doctorate with Coventry University on laminar-turbulent transitional flow measurements.

Chris is presenting on 'Calibrating and operating Coriolis flowmeters with respect to process effects' in the Risk Mitigation session on Tuesday afternoon.
Wendy Muniz Rodriguez.jpg
Wendy Muñiz Rodríguez
Materials Engineer (Mexican Professional Certificate: 9798671), with a certification course of Six Sigma and Tools for Quality.

Professional Background:
In 2015 she joined CIATEQ, Advanced Technology Center in Mexico, at area Measurement Systems. to participate in several projects in matter of measurement applicable to the activity of transport, storage and quality of hydrocarbons, petrolípheros and petrochemical, these projects focused on regulatory compliance in order to solve problems associated to measurement of physical process variables, metrological compliance state and its impact on industry processes.
Also has experience in coordination and accreditation of chemical laboratories and characterization of materials in technical areas such as mechanical, destructive and non-destructive tests in the aerospace area.

Main areas of interest:
• Flow measurement (multiphase meters, metering systems).
• Multiphase flow technology (oil and gas transport, slug control, separation).
• Mechanical and materials engineering.

Wendy is presenting on 'Identification of fault patterns in turbine meters of the statistical analysis by means of the statistical analysis of the pulse ratio' in the Maintenance Optimisation session on Wednesday afternoon.
Gavin Munro.jpg
Gavin Munro
After completing university, Gavin joined Halliburton in 1983, as a cementer offshore. He worked up to middle management and spearheaded a new flow measurement group in 1990, to grow sales in EAME and Russia. Divested as NuFlo in 2004, the company went through several mergers and acquisitions, latterly being part of Cameron. By then, he was global technical support for their entire sales force outside the Americas. In 2014 Gavin left to form GM Flow and started developing and patenting an adjustable DP cone meter. Now leading a team of four experienced managers, the company is ready for rapid growth.

Gavin is presenting on 'Comparing Laboratory and Field Experience of an Adjustable DP Cone Meter in the New Technology session' on Monday afternoon.
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Steve Paterson
I have been working in process measurement and control for 42 years, having joined ICI as a school leaver at the age of 16 in 1977 to serve my apprenticeship as an Instrument Artificer. Left ICI in March 1984 to start my long association with the offshore oil and gas industry working as an Instrument Technician on the Shell Fulmar platform.

Became involved in metering in 1988 when I took up my first role as a metering technician on the CONOCO LOGGS platform. Over the past 30 years I have been involved in virtually every aspect of fiscal and allocation metering maintenance and project execution and commissioning.

I moved to the Shell Bacton gas terminal in 1999 and have been involved with Shell’s Southern North Sea operations ever since. I joined Shell in May 2002 and have been in my current role since then albeit in various guises. I sit on 2 British Standards committees, BSI CPI30/SC2 (Differential pressure measurements) and BSI CPI30/SC5 (Mass and velocity methods).

Steve is opening the Risk Mitigation session on Tuesday afternoon.
Bruno Pinguet
Bruno has more than 27 years’ experience in multiphase flow measurement from subsea to topside conditions. He is recognized as one of the main leaders in the multiphase business thru knowledge sharing, presentations, book, publications, and technical advises. His main domains of expertise include multiphase metering, sampling, and fluid properties. He is Visiting Professor of the Coventry University. He has a Doctor of Philosophy in multiphase flows and more than 150 presented publications and articles. He has several patents in multiphase environment from optical and fluid properties measurements to sampling and nuclear techniques of measurements.

Bruno is presenting on 'Extensive analysis of performance of using Venturi meters for wet-gas conditions in field conditions' in the Field Development 2 session on Wednesday morning.
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Vanessa Richon
She started working in Total 15 years ago in operations in Gabon, France and then in Abu Dhabi. She then joined the process and flow assurance department and worked on early field development studies
She started 4 years ago to work as Flow Assurance and Multiphase metering R&D project coordinator in the Stavanger Research Center in Total Norge.
She is focusing on the development of new multiphase technologies, on the improvement of flow models for multiphase transport and on the understanding of complex fluids.

Vanessa is presenting on 'Blind testing of non-radioactive multiphase metering systems by the Joint Operator User Group on MPFM' in the Field Development session on Tuesday morning.
Richard Steven.jpg
Richard Steven
25 years flow metering experience.
PhD in Experimental Fluid Mechanics.
Worked for one meter user (GEC Alsthom), two calibration and test laboratories (NEL & CEESI), and two meter manufacturers (McCrometer and DP Diagnostics).

Richard is presenting twice during the workshop:
'Orifice Meter Multiphase Wet Gas Flow Performance – The Pressure Loss Ratio Solution to the “Ill-Posed” Problem' in Field Development on Wednesday morning.
'A Grand Chimera? Flowrate Prediction Biases of a Malfunctioning Orifice Meter Calculated in Real Time via Internal Meter Diagnostics' in Maintenance Optimisation on Wednesday afternoon.
Phil Stockton
Phil is currently Director and Head Consultant at Accord Energy Solutions which he co-founded in 2010.

Phil graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in Chemical Engineering and worked as a process engineer for over 30 years but has more recently specialised in allocation engineering with an emphasis on simulation and use of mathematical techniques.

Phil has previously presented papers on subjects associated with allocation including: process simulation, uncertainty, game theory, application of estimation techniques, uncertainty based allocation, measurement error detection and back-out.

Phil is presenting on 'Measuring Flow without a Meter' in the Value Realisation session on Tuesday afternoon.
David Stewart.JPG
David Stewart
Flow measurement and allocation specialist with over 20 years’ experience in research, development, consultancy and operations.

Key areas of expertise include multiphase and wet gas metering, custody transfer and allocation metering, measurement uncertainty, financial exposure analysis, and hydrocarbon allocation.

Since November 2016, David has been Hydrocarbon Allocation Lead at TAQA Bratani Ltd.

• Responsible for TAQA’s HCA operations for all operated and non-operated assets, including Brent System Pipeline.
• Maintenance and development of TAQA’s EnergySys allocation system.
• Technical lead for OGG (Operational Gas Group) – a consortium of Operators formed to source import gas.
• HCA focal point for TAQA’s Finance, Commercial, Operations and Environmental teams.

David is giving the Operator Overview to the Value Realisation session on Tuesday afternoon.
Kjell-Rune Toftevåg
Kjell Rune holds a MSc degree in Industrial Instrumentation from the University of Bergen. He began his career at Christian Michelsen Research with research on down-hole flow and fraction measurements. Kjell Rune has more than 15 years of experience from from the oil & gas industry with the majority in different management positions within product development and offshore subsea and drilling operations. His experience includes development of acoustics flow meters, multiphase flow meters, subsea control systems and leading the development and qualification of the world first dual gradient drilling system for floaters. Before joining XSENS as the VP of Products, Kjell Rune held various positions within Flowsys, Statoil, Aker Solutions and Enhanced Drilling.

Kjell Rune is presenting on 'Disruptive clamp-on technology to reduce cost' in the New Technology session on Monday afternoon.