Unnatural Catastrophes: Cyber and Geopolitical Risk in the Modern World

Unnatural Catastrophes: Cyber and Geopolitical Risk in the Modern World

The Willis Research Network (WRN) would like to invite you to a morning seminar featuring talks and discussions on two research themes that the WRN is currently focusing on: Cyber and Geopolitical drivers of risk.

As with any WRN seminar, we will bring together views from academia and the business world, steering the dialogue towards pragmatic insights. Guest speakers will provide their understanding of the risk landscape, discuss how organisations are currently managing those risks, and how those risks can be turned into opportunities.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Seminar themes

Cyber attacks: from crime to nation-state tool of aggression

The nature of our relationship with technology is increasingly complex and challenging and this evolution permeates across the risk landscape. Elisabeth Braw from the RUSI (Royal United Services Institute) Modern Deterrence Programme will be giving an insight into the changing nature of cyber attacks and what this means for business today. 

This will then be followed by a panel session providing a tour d’horizon of the top cyber risks and trends, reflecting on how organisations are currently managing those risks, through a combination of risk management and insurance solutions.

  • Andrew Hall (Willis Towers Watson)
  • Matt Palmer (Willis Towers Watson)
  • Elisabeth Braw (RUSI - Modern Deterrence programme)
  • Prof. Andrew Martin (University of Oxford - Cyber Security Centre)
  • Pete Cooper (Pavisade).

From the battlefield to the boardroom: insights into geopolitical drivers of risk and opportunities

As we reflect on an increasingly fragile global landscape, the dynamics of the geopolitical narrative are increasingly influential for any organisation. 

Our keynote speaker Sir Richard Shirreff, NATO’s former Deputy Supreme Commander Europe, will survey the geopolitical landscape and explore opportunities which boardrooms should consider in order to manage risk effectively.

Our panel moderated by Neal Croft will discuss top geopolitical risks and trends, risk mitigation strategies and how better insights can turn risk into opportunity.

Willis Towers Watson and Oxford Analytica will also launch their Annual Political Risk Survey Report.

  • Neal Croft (Willis Towers Watson)
  • Sir Richard Shirreff (Strategia Worldwide)
  • Paul Davidson (Willis Towers Watson: Financial Solutions)
  • Amalia Khachatryan (Oxford Analytica)


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