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Smarter Mobile Event Apps

CrowdCompass by Cvent offers innovative mobile app development for conferences, meetings, conventions, trade shows and events. We are the largest developer of mobile event apps and conference apps, and there's a reason why we are the #1 app developer: Innovation, collaboration, dedication and the ability to create a memorable mobile experience for your attendees. With CrowdCompass, you can offer a feature-rich native app to your attendees and engage them before, during and even after your conference is over.

An Intuitive and Powerful Event App

People attend events for two primary reasons, to absorb content and to network. The CrowdCompass mobile event app provides event marketers and planners the tools and resources to strike a perfect balance between the two.

  • Create A Customised Branded Mobile Event App In No Time

    CrowdCompass makes it simple to create an event app.

  • Easily Keep Your Event Attendees Informed

    Inform your event attendees with schedules, speaker profiles, and much more.

  • A Modern Approach to Attendee Engagement

    Connect with your attendees in new ways.

  • Empower Your Sponsors & Exhibitors

    Go beyond lead capture. Leverage sponsor and exhibitor tools to generate more revenue.

  • Measure Attendee Engagement in Real Time

    Track and analyse your key event metrics and activities.

  • Secure Sensitive Event Content

    Apply built-in security and privacy controls.

"The GPS event app on CrowdCompass has created a wave in the Indian Travel industry as it is the first of its kind. Using the app, we were able to go almost paperless at our events, reporting a reduction of almost 90% paper usage"

– Harmandeep Singh Anand, Managing Director, Global Panorama Showcase

The Definitive Guide to Selecting a Mobile Event App

Simple Questions for Success

Choose the best mobile event app for your organisation. Download this guide to determine what your organisation and your attendees need out of a mobile event app, and make an informed decision that will facilitate an enriching experience and set you up for success.

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