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Cvent’s leading-edge onsite event technology helps you deliver efficient, engaging, and measurable onsite experiences, regardless of the size or complexity of your meeting or event. Our solutions feature onsite event check-in and badging, attendee tracking, lead capture, reporting and analytics, mobile event apps, and social amplification display.

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Nail the oh-so-important good first impression with your attendees and guests by delivering a seamless check-in experience at your event. Our onsite event technology allows your guests to check in on their own quickly and automatically syncs attendee data with Cvent’s event management platform.

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Onsite Check-In and Registration


Instant, on-demand badge printing ensures accuracy of information and eliminates attendee frustration by doing away with long queues. With our onsite event technology, you can wirelessly connect iPads to the printers and print badges on demand.

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Wireless, On-Demand Badge Printing

Mobile Event Apps

An innovative mobile app like CrowdCompass by Cvent will help you offer your attendees a smarter, more engaging event experience while delivering a strong return on investment. CrowdCompass by Cvent can help you create customised event apps and deliver an incredible, personalised event experience to your attendees.

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Mobile Event Apps

Attendee Tracking

Smart events and profitable events go hand-in-hand. Get smarter by tracking your attendees’ movements throughout the event to understand preferences and interests, and use this info to deliver more engaging and memorable events.

Different options for different needs Need to track session duration, show floor or session attendance, or access control? We have an onsite event technology to meet your needs – whatever your event size and budget may be.

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Wireless, On-Demand Badge Printing

Social Amplification

The best events generate buzz that is felt long after attendees have all headed back home. Help your guests kick up the wow factor at your events while also spreading the word across the world’s most popular social channels. With the help of Cvent’s onsite event technology, you can compile and share your attendees' social content in real-time at your event, on full-screen interactive displays. You can also create a Twitter feed to project attendee tweets or create a live feed for Instagram photos to spark excitement at your events.

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Lead Capture

When it comes to your exhibitions and conferences, exhibitors can make all the difference between profitable and unsuccessful events. Cvent’s onsite event technology helps your exhibitors manage their lead flow and measure the impact of their participation, and keeps them coming back year after year.

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Lead Capture Dashboard

Metrics & Analytics

Our onsite reporting and analytics tools give you a real-time pulse of the effectiveness of your events. They integrate seamlessly into your marketing tools, allow you to show attribution to pipeline from your events, and offer the ability to make onsite changes based on real-time attendance data.

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Metrics Dashboard

Equipment & Execution

We're in this together!

Your onsite experience is just as important to us as it is you. We’ll help you create a seamless, positive attendee experience by providing a conference team to support and train your onsite staff, and ship, set up, configure, and test your onsite event technology.

Event in a Box

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for small self-service events.


A dedicated team that provides
hands-on support for large conferences.

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