Where Do You Shine?

Presenting the 2018 awards categories.

Meeting & Event Professionals

Meetings and events are essential to businesses for training employees, engaging clients, and building strong relationships through person-to-person interactions. This award recognizes achievements in realizing measurable Return on Event through setting and exceeding goals, automating event communications, and maximizing attendance and response.

Criteria: Must use one or more Cvent solutions to demonstrate Return on Event.

Event marketing is critical to the success of any event. Consequently, event professionals are expanding their skillsets and thinking more like marketers. Nominees in this category develop targeted, multi-channel event marketing strategies that build buzz, increase event registration, and enhance their brand. They listen and respond to attendee feedback for lasting engagement. Moreover, their event marketing process is automated, integrated, and includes multiple channels for event success.

Criteria: Must use Cvent e-marketing solution, Cvent integration with a marketing automation solution (i.e. Salesforce, Eloqua, Marketo, etc.), Cvent integration with a CRM Solution, OR Cvent web surveys solution. Must demonstrate multi-channel marketing (social media, event website, e-mail, etc.).

Let's face it: mobile devices are a key focus of our attention. This award recognizes those savvy event planners who've tapped into this cultural obsession and made mobile devices the centerpiece of their events. From following sessions to retrieving exhibitor leads, mobile technology is powering events more than ever before.

Criteria: Must use CrowdCompass.
Submission may also include CventSocialWall AND/OR LeadRetrieval solutions.

Every event professional knows the importance of an awesome onsite experience. The day of the event needs to be flawless - from the moment an attendee checks in, to their navigation of speaking sessions throughout the day, to their engagement with other attendees. Nominees in this category focus on delivering events that capture our attention and leave us feeling connected and inspired.

Criteria: Must use Cvent OnArrival; Submission may also include Cvent SocialWall, CrowdCompass, and/or LeadRetrieval solutions.

Event professionals know when it comes to their meetings, conferences, and trade shows, one size does not fit all. Nominees in this category are embracing the power and flexibility of the entire Cvent event management platform to meet and exceed their organization's unique goals.

Criteria: MUST use three or more Cvent solutions.

It doesn't take long to see positive changes in meetings and events at an organization that has rapidly and successfully implemented new technologies. Nominees to this category may be new to the Cvent platform, but their strong adoption of Cvent technology is transforming their event planning process and showing results.

Criteria: Must use one or more Cvent solutions; MUST have signed their first Cvent Agreement no earlier than June 1, 2017.

Finding just the right venue, at the right price, is critical for any meeting or event. This award celebrates those savvy sourcers who juggle RFPs for multiple events, get bids from multiple vendors across multiple destinations, and generate measurable results to ensure success.

Criteria: Must use the Cvent Supplier Network.

Implementing a Strategic Meetings Management Program (SMMP) is no easy feat. This award recognizes those successful practitioners who master the complicated blend of registering and approving meetings, strategic sourcing, and budgeting and cost saving methodologies, all while continuously expanding upon their effectiveness.

Criteria: Must be an Enterprise customer with Cvent.

Hospitality Professionals

Destinations around the world compete on a variety of factors including the accessibility of the destination and event facilities, price and price flexibility, quality of facilities and services, personal safety for attendees, and other points of differentiation. Each year, Cvent examines meeting and event booking activity through the Cvent Supplier Network to recognize the Top 50 Meeting Destinations in the United States. This year, we evaluated more than 5,000 U.S. cities to compile our sixth-annual list. Activity was tracked from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018, and rankings were then determined by evaluating unique requests for proposals received, total room nights, awarded requests for proposals, awarded room nights, percentage of qualified meeting venues, and the number of profile views.

*The Best in the U.S. award is pre-determined based on the criteria mentioned above. Organizations are not eligible to apply for this award during the submission process.

Tapping into the power of room block management isn't an easy feat. That's why we're recognizing the creativity and innovation required to "think outside the block." This award celebrates hoteliers that deploy unique tactics to promote, upsell, and drive extended group stays from their room block bookings. Nominees in this category not only create opportunities to drive group business revenue, but they deliver superior planner experiences that help them effortlessly manage events.

Criteria: Use Passkey.

Data science represents a boundless frontier that's constantly changing the way we do business. This award recognizes pioneers in the hospitality industry who are charting the business insights and intelligence frontier and cutting a path for others to follow. By establishing strategic analytics programs, systems, and processes, these nominees boost marketing performance, improve sales conversions, yield process efficiencies, and ultimately increase the value of their group business.

Being at the forefront of sales and marketing means pushing boundaries and evolving new models to firmly position your organization as a leader. This is true not just in hospitality, but across all industries. The Group Game Changer award honors the hospitality organization that consistently delivers superior results across their group sales and marketing programs. These nominees develop and execute creative and targeted strategies with compelling branding, engaging messaging, innovative channel tactics, and best-in-class sales competencies.