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A monthly newsletter from the PRO-DAIRY Program at Cornell University. Also used for e-Alerts and Dairy Webinars.

The Cornell Agricultural Workforce Development Program provides news, updates, and other helpful management and leadership information for the agricultural industry and administers the Agricultural Supervisory Leadership Certificate Program.

News and events that are of particular interest to dairy nutritionists and consultants. Events include Cornell Nutrition Conference, Herd Health and Nutrition Conference, and Dairy Nutrition Shortcourses.

News and events related to dairy farm business and production management. Events include Northeast Dairy Management Conference and Operations Managers Conference.

Online learning opportunities covering a broad array of dairy management topics, delivered through webinars or online courses.

News that is of particular interest to New York dairy producers.

News related to use and development of the Cornell Net Carbohydrate Protein System (CNCPS)

News and events related to dairy environmental and facilities management.

News and events related to the undergraduate Dairy Fellows Program at Cornell University

Sponsorship opportunities at industry conferences related to dairy cattle nutrition (Cornell Nutrition Conference, Herd Health and Nutrition)

Sponsorship opportunities at industry conferences related to dairy producers, dairy cattle and farm management (Northeast Dairy Management, Operations Managers Conference)

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