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Economic and data analysis from Dallas Fed economists, appearing online in a reader-friendly form several times monthly.

Announcements when the Texas Manufacturing Outlook Survey and Texas Service Sector Outlook Survey are released. The e-mails include direct links to the latest report.

Latest results from the quarterly Dallas Fed Energy Survey, as well as monthly updates on economic conditions in the energy industry, occasional energy-related articles and an invitation to our annual energy conference.

Latest inflation data and the "Behind the Numbers" report.

Current economic conditions in the region, nation and the world, video updates on the Texas economy. Updates on the energy sector and economic indicators for selected Texas metro areas.

Anecdotal information about recent economic conditions and trends in the Eleventh District.

A quarterly publication featuring in-depth articles and interviews about Texas and the surrounding region, as well as Mexico.

The Dallas Fed Agricultural Survey provides a timely assessment of agricultural credit conditions that reflect the overall health of this important sector in the Eleventh District.

Announcements of Institute events and publications, including working papers and the International Economic Update.

Preliminary drafts of Dallas Fed research papers.

Receive invitations to conferences and seminars hosted by the Research Department of the Dallas Fed.

Receive updates and information from Dallas Fed Community Engagement.

Announcements of the latest Community Development news, publications, research, articles and upcoming events.

Get alerts when the Dallas Fed's Banking Conditions Survey is released. The e-mails include direct links to the latest report which publishes approximately every six weeks.

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