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On Monday, May 6th global energy industry decision makers convened with U.S. foreign service personnel, U.S. Departments of Commerce, Energy and State officials and various ministry of energy officials at the Bilateral’s Chamber 22nd annual VIP Board of Advisors Dinner during OTC Week in Houston.

Members representing Aramco, BHGE, Bechtel, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, DMG Events, DMS Global, Emerson, ExxonMobil, Fluor Corporation, Halliburton, McDermott, International SOS, NOC Libya, Occidental Petroleum, OmanExpo, Sonatrach, Schlumberger, Tellurian Inc., Weatherford and Worley among others, were briefed on the State of the Chamber presented by David L. Phillips, Chairman of the Board. They also enjoyed a robust debate by former diplomat members of the board and celebrated the 2019 Goodwill Ambassador and Visionary Leadership honorees - Dr. Naufel Al Hassan, Deputy Chief of Staff, Iraq Prime Minister's Office and Mr. Mustafa Sanalla, Chairman, Libya National Oil Corporation (NOC).

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 U.S. Policy in the Middle East Panel

One of the evening’s highlights was the U.S. Policy in the Middle East debate moderated by Aida Araissi featuring T.H. Ambassador Susan L. Ziadeh, T.H. Ambassador Douglas A. Silliman, and T.H. Ambassador Adam Ereli. Collectively the retired diplomats have over 80 years of foreign service experience and have served in almost every country in the MENA region. The audience enjoyed their distinct and candid assessments of short and long term outcomes as a result of current U.S. policy in the region.

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Left to Right: Aida Araissi, CEO of Bilateral Chamber, T.H. Susan L. Ziadeh, Ambassador of the United States to the State of Qatar (2011-2014), T.H. Douglas A. Silliman, Ambassador of the United States to the Republic of Iraq (2016 - 2019), and T.H. Adam Ereli, Ambassador of the United States to the Kingdom of Bahrain (2007 - 2011)

 2019 Goodwill Ambassador Award Presentation
Bilateral Chamber board member, T.H. Douglas A. Silliman, Ambassador of the United States to the Republic of Iraq (ret.) and Aida Araissi, CEO, Bilateral Chamber, presented Dr. Naufel Alhassan, Deputy Chief of Staff, Iraq Prime Minister's Office with the Chamber’s 2019 Goodwill Ambassador Award.

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 2019 Visionary Leadership Award

The 2019 Visionary Leadership Award honoree was Mustafa Sanalla, Chairman of Libya National Oil Corporation (NOC).

Michael Hatfield, President of ConocoPhillips, gave insightful remarks on the Waha joint venture with Libya NOC and the perseverance and dedication of Mustafa Sanalla in his tireless effort to keep Libya NOC afloat in challenging times. The theme of the Chamber's Visionary Leadership Award this year is "Leading Thru Adversity" a recognition well deserved for Mr. Sanalla.

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Michael D. Hatfield, President - Alaska, Canada, and Europe, ConocoPhillips   Mustafa Sanalla, Chairman, Libya National Oil Corporation (NOC)

Welcome New Advisory Board Members

During the VIP Board of Advisors Dinner, the Bilateral Chamber was honored to announce the newest additions to the Board of Advisors.

Deborah K Jones headshot-01
    Ziadeh headshot-01
T.H. Deborah K. Jones
U.S. Ambassador (ret.)
State of Libya
(2013 - 2015)
State of Kuwait
(2008 - 2011) 
  T.H. Douglas A. Silliman
U.S. Ambassador (ret.) Republic of Iraq
(2016 - 2019)
State of Kuwait
(2014 - 2016)
  T.H. Susan L. Ziadeh
U.S. Ambassador (ret.)
Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Arabian Peninsula Affairs
(2014 - 2016)
State of Qatar
(2011 - 2014) 

Ardill headshot-01
  Deborah Byers Headshot-01   Sanalla Headshot B-01
 Dr. John Ardill
Senior Vice President
Acquisitions & Divestments

  Deborah Byers
Americas Sector & Solutions Leader US
Oil and Gas Leader
Ernst & Young (EY)
  Mustafa Sanalla
Libya National Oil Corporation (NOC)
2019 May Newsletter- Country dialogue series highl

On Wednesday, May 8th, the Bilateral Chamber held an all-day conference entitled U.S.-MENA Country Dialogue Series with panels featuring a mix of current and former government officials, energy sector CEOs, ministry officials, port and development agencies. The countries covered included Libya, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, and Oman. A few highlights are featured below.

Libya: Challenging Times - Visionary Solutions
Increasing Oil & Gas Production in the Face of Growing Instability

2019 May Newsletter - Libya 1-24

Mustafa Sanalla, Chairman, Libya National Oil Corporation (NOC) is joined by four of his chief deputies including the director of the new Libya NOC office in Houston. He announced over $60 billion in planned procurement spending allocated over the next five years and believes Houston is the best location to source services, technology, and partners to help in the rebuilding of their energy infrastructure.

Iraq: Strategic Perspective on the Improving Political Landscape
2019 May Newsletter - Iraq session 2-29

Iraq has enjoyed an improving political landscape with peaceful elections, a defeat of ISIS and renewed bilateral engagement with its neighbors in the Gulf. All of that may be in jeopardy as mounting tensions between the U.S. and Iran place the war weary Iraqis in the middle once again. The Ambassadors, Iraq official and Consul General had a frank debate and discussion on what lies ahead in these unpredictable circumstances.

  2019 OTC Announcement - yaseen headshot-01   2019 OTC Announcement - naufel headshot-01   2019 OTC Announcement - timmy-01
T.H. Douglas A. Silliman
U.S. Ambassador (ret.) Republic of Iraq
(2016 - 2019)
State of Kuwait
(2014 - 2016)
  H.E. Fareed Yasseen Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to the U.S.   Dr. Naufel Alhassan Chief of Staff (ret.)
Office of the Prime Minister Republic of Iraq
  T.H. Timmy Davis
U.S. Consul General Basrah, Republic of Iraq 

Navigating Successful NOC/IOC Partnerships  

Stephen A. Kelly, President and General Manager at Occidental Oman, Inc. gave a wholistic perspective on navigating successful IOC/NOC partnerships in Oman and the United Arab Emirates.

2019 May Newsletter -steve 2-16
The GCC: A Shifting Strategic Landscape
A Diplomatic and Economic Introspective

No topic was off limits for The GCC panel, moderated by T.H. Douglas A. Silliman, U.S. Ambassador (ret.) Republic of Iraq (2016 - 2019), State of Kuwait (2014 - 2016), as he challenged his former colleagues on their perspectives of the shifting strategic landscape in the region, referred to as the Gulf Cooperation Council.

2019 May Newsletter - GCC session 1-29

2019 OTC Announcement - Silliman 2-01   2019 OTC Announcement- bruns headshot-01   2019 OTC Announcement - Abassi headshot-01   2019 OTC Announcement-stephanie headshot-01
T.H. Douglas A. Silliman
U.S. Ambassador (ret.) Republic of Iraq
(2016 - 2019)
State of Kuwait
(2014 - 2016)
  Thomas Bruns
Regional Senior Commercial Officer for the Gulf - UAE, Oman, Kuwait, & Qatar U.S. Embassy, UAE
  Nasir Abbasi
Counselor for Commercial Affairs
U.S. Embassy
Saudi Arabia
  Stephanie Hallett
Deputy Chief of Mission
U.S. Embassy Oman 
 Oman: Strategic Outlook from Officials and the Private Sector
Stephanie Hallett, Deputy Chief of Mission, U.S. Embassy, Oman moderated a panel of dedicated leaders offering a fresh perspective on a sometimes overlooked member of the GCC. "A friend to all, an enemy to none," said Ms. Hallett as she and the panelists conveyed what makes Oman a standout choice for U.S. business interests in the region.

2019 May Newsletter - Oman session 1-29

2019 OTC Announcement-stephanie headshot-01   2019 OTC Announcement- Saleh headshot-01   2019 OTC Announcement - erwin shot-01   2019 OTC Announcement - hemant headshot-01   2019 OTC Announcement - Ashley headshot-01
Stephanie Hallett
Deputy Chief
of Mission
U.S. Embassy Oman

  Dr. Saleh bin Ali Al Anboori
Director General
of Planning
Ministry of Oil
and Gas, Oman
  Erwin Mortelmans Commercial Director
Port of Duqm
  Hemant Murkoth
Business Gateways International 
  Ashley Roberts
Energy Portfolio Director
 Libya NOC ribbon cutting ceremony
2019 May Newsletter - libya ribbon cutting-24
Left to Right: Aida Araissi, CEO, Bilateral Chamber, Mohamed E. Abdo Denbarno, General Manager, Libya National Oil Corporation (NOC), Mustafa Sanalla, Chairman, Libya National Oil Corporation (NOC), Yusef M Elkadiki, Executive Director, Rebiana Oil Field Services.

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Please enjoy a scene from our TEACH affiliate The C2C (The Choice to Change Foundation) in Bangladesh. Mo Loch, Director of MENA Market Intelligence for the Bilateral Chamber runs the C2C school and foundation. The school teaches and houses over 200 students from ages four to fifteen. We congratulate Mo for being our TEACH champion!

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