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Monthly Dose for the
Monthly Close

For the Evolving Accounting Department

July 2015

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Why ART?

Companies put ART into place to transform their account recon-ciliation process. 

As a SaaS solution, ART provides them with a means of
automating account reconciliations, and thereby gaining visibility into and management of their entire close process.  They enjoy ART's powerful workflow management and reporting tools and grant auditors limited access to ART's built in central repository.
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Ready for Accounting Workflow Technology? 

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Think you are alone in needing to improve your close?
Does this sound familiar?

"I have a drawer full of reconciliations that need to be scanned."

"It's prone to errors because it is not automated."

"We want to standardize our reporting process."

"Managing 700 recs manually is not a good use of anyone's time."

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What It's Really Like
to Have an Automated
Account Reconciliation System

AG Bio  Annette Grotz

We're all about process efficiency at SkyStem. 

Account reconciliations are not often associated with the term efficiency, so we broke down how ART, our account reconciliation and month-end close automation solution, handles reconciliations. They are completed in five easy steps.

Period End Date Arrives

  1. ART generates all reconciliation coversheets and system reconciles up to 35% of the balance sheet automatically.
  2. Reconcilers update remaining reconciliations, attach support and submit accounts electronically for review.
  3. Reviewers receive email notification, log into ART to review and sign-off on reconciliations.
  4. ART locks down all completed reconciliations and makes them available for offsite auditors.
  5. Once books are closed, click one button in ART to download and archive all reconciliations, supporting documentation and electronic signatures onto internal company server.

ART provides you with an efficient process. How? By eliminating all of these steps and issues:

  • Creating coversheets for every account
  • Reconciling every account
  • Email routing review
  • Paper/Post-it review notes
  • Gathering and checking for sign-offs
  • Printing, scanning, collating
  • Inconsistent formats
  • Storing copies of reconciliations in multiple hard drives and desktops
  • Copying and scanning for auditors
  • Offsite storage facility, etc.
See how ART does it in this brief, on-demand demo.

Did you know that a typical monthly-close checklist is six pages long while a checklist for a routine surgery is less than one page? Read more >>>

Exceptions, Deleted Items, Open Items Reports - See All With One Click

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ART not only automates a number of account reconciliation and month-end close processes, it also allows you to check in to see how things are going at that moment, any time, from almost anywhere. See how >>>

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