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NICHQ News Banner November 2016
Quality Improvement 101:
An Introduction to QI

Check out NICHQ’s virtual quality improvement course. This interactive session provides the fundamentals of quality improvement science, including how to create aim statements, best strategies for testing changes and how to spread new ideas.
QI 101

How Missouri Is Improving
Risk-Appropriate Care for Families

Missouri is developing requirements for levels of neonatal and maternal care in hospitals. This system allows hospitals to better serve moms and babies by transferring them to specialized facilities for certain needs.
Infant Rests In NICU

How Gamification Fits into
Healthy Lifestyles for Children

Video games like “Pokemon Go” can encourage kids to be active, but parents and healthcare providers must ensure that exercise and proper nutrition are instilled to avoid issues like childhood obesity.
Children Walking With Smartphones

Learn How to Improve Follow-Up
For Newborn Hearing Screenings

NICHQ and the National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management’s are hosting a free webinar based on Improving Follow Up After Newborn Hearing Screening, an action kit to help audiologists improve follow-up services for newborns.

Pediatrician Examining Ear

Breaking Barriers to Healthy
Birth Spacing for All Families

Longer intervals between pregnancies are associated with healthier birth outcomes for moms and babies. The state of New York is working to educate families who use Medicaid on effective contraception methods before giving birth.
Doctor With Patient In Wheelchair

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