April 2016

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 THE PRESIDENT'S NOTE                            
Robert Reardon - President 

It is Spring time in Virginia. For VSHE, it represents a time of renewal and change as we continue to grow and move forward. Our annual conference, May 9 - 12, is shaping up to be the best ever. Registration for our ASHE classes, HCC and prep courses for the CHFM and CHC exams is very brisk and classes are filling up very fast. The annual conference has something for everyone involved in Healthcare. Mr. Scott Burnette, CEO of Community Memorial Hospital at VCU, will continue the conversation we started last year on the challenges hospitals face in Virginia. A man who needs no introduction, George Mills from Joint Commission, will update us on what is happening with Life Safety as well as trends his surveyors are seeing throughout the United States. Mr. Jim Lussier will give a talk you will not want to miss on healthcare construction benchmarking. In addition, we have assembled six presentations during the breakout sessions that will cover the entire spectrum of healthcare facilities management. Looking forward to seeing all of you at the conference.

When I opened this newsletter I said this was a time of change. John Christodoulides will be saying goodbye to VSHE in Mid-April, as he relocates to the west coast to be near family. John was a founding member of Blue Ridge District, a past VSHE President, and for the last three years the Chairman of our annual conference.  We will miss him a lot as the VSHE Board has relied on his advice and guidance. John, THANK YOU for your years of tireless service to VSHE.

In addition, my term as VSHE President will end in June, and I will be turning the presidency over to Rick Sanders, our current president-elect. I will continue to work for VSHE in the role of past president. Thanks to each and every one of you who has helped me during the past two years. I know that Rick Sanders, and Joe Auricchio, our upcoming president-elect, will receive the same support from our members and Board.

ASHE has started the registration process for the annual conference July 10 - 13 in Denver. If you have never attended it is an unbelievable opportunity to learn about what is happening in healthcare engineering, and to meet other healthcare facility managers from around the country.

Spring is here! See you all in Williamsburg next month!

~ Bob Reardon
VSHE President

2016 VSHE ANNUAL CONFERENCE John Christodoulides
Conference Chair
On February 8, 2016, our online registration opened for our May 9-12, 2016 Annual Conference. The response has been overwhelming. Our exhibit booths sold out very fast; but several sponsorships are still available. Our Annual Conference includes valuable ASHE certification courses and dual educational tracks.   

On another note, with warmest feelings of appreciation to all of the VSHE Members, I am excited/saddened to report that I am relocating to the west coast April 15 to be near family. Having served VSHE for almost eight years, this organization is an integral part of my life.  I feel honored to belong to such a dynamic and visionary organization… always focusing on “best service” to our profession.

It has been a great pleasure to work with each of you.  VSHE is a solid organization and the best days are ahead.  I plan to stay in touch from the West Coast!

Wishing all the best,

~ John Christodoulides
VSHE Conference Chair

Membership Chair
Thanks to all of you our membership has increased 60% this year!!  Today we reached our goal of 200 members. Erin Nowlin of VCU Health in Richmond is our 200th member, and will receive a $100 gift certificate.

We are assembling a new committee within VSHE called the YOUNG PROFESSIONALS GROUP. This committee is being created to increase awareness and involvement among our current and aspiring professionals within the healthcare construction/facilities management industry under the age of 40.  Our goal is to train the next group of leaders! VSHE Leadership believes that as the workforce ages and transitions into retirement, more is needed from the younger members in order to secure the future of our profession. This committee is especially geared to help current and future leaders grow. 

The committee goals for the Young Professionals Group are:

  • Increase knowledge of current industry standards, products, services, best practices, and trending solutions
  • Assist with professional development within the field through mentorship and networking
  • Provide young professionals with the proper tools and skills to fill roles within the next generation of leadership at work and at VSHE
  • Provide a platform where young professionals can give back to the profession through service

As a member of this committee you can expect to participate in educational seminars on relevant healthcare construction/facilities management topics, informal social gatherings geared towards networking, chapter meetings, and the VSHE Annual Conference.  You will also receive quarterly newsletters that will aid in the growth and development of your skillset.

Dylan Henderson and Reggie Warren are co-Chairs. If interested in becoming a part of this group, you can reach them @

Dylan Henderson 

Dylan Henderson
540-981-8177 - Office

 Reggie - Pro #2 ReS

Reginald Warren
757-534-5275 - Office

Please call me, Jerry Baker, your State Membership Chair, about how to become involved! (804-253-5447)

~ Jerry Baker

VSHE Membership Chair

Dylan C. Henderson
District Chair
Dylan Henderson

My, oh my, it is already April and the annual conference is just around the corner. I hope all is well within your professional and personal lives, and look forward to an opportunity to reconnect in May in Williamsburg.

Things have been steadily busy within the Blue Ridge District recently as the district leadership is working through plans for our upcoming meetings in 2016 after the conference. In July, the district will be hosting the statewide VSHE meeting which will focus on the planning, design and renovation of Carilion Clinic's newest outpatient facility in Roanoke, ION (Institute of Orthopedics and Neurosciences).  AECOM and Turner Long Construction present on the project which focuses on converting a former grocery store into a fully functional clinic facility.

In Oct/Nov, the Blue Ridge District will host a kick-off meeting with a location TBD which we are working on securing a headline speaker for. Please continue to follow the notices to receive updates on the details for these meetings.

As VSHE approaches its 200th member, I continue to encourage your continued participation and to spread the VSHE mission: to improve and enhance our healthcare facilities infrastructure, operations and maintenance through planning, education, cooperation, advocacy and design innovation.  I look forward to seeing you all at the Conference in May.  

 ~ Dylan C. Henderson
VSHE Blue Ridge District Chair

 Your Blue Ridge District Committee Chairs:
District Chair
Dylan Henderson
Carilion Clinic

District Co-Chair
Justin Biller
Carilion Clinic

Membership Chair
Laura Gallagher
Dusty Ducts

Program Chair
Scott Blankenship
Carilion Clinic
Joe Auricchio
District Chair

I know the members of VSHE have received many emails for us over the last couple of months. Each email is sent with a specific purpose in mind. Whether we are reminding you about the conference, a quarterly meeting or updating the group about something, we only try to send what we need to send. Please bear with us. We are excited about the upcoming conference May 9-12 in Williamsburg; and our first year with 200 members.

As you know, I am mentioning leadership more and more as part of the Central District updates and meetings. Below is another link from TEDtalks. This 9-minute video shows how Roselinde has viewed leadership for over two decades, and she has some challenges for us. I liked her challenges so much I took a screen shot of her three questions and put them on my office wall. This video has almost 3 million hits, and now I know why.

Roselinde Torres: What it takes to be a great leader:

Also, the VSHE website has been updated to reflect more accurate information. The VSHE Board is working to make this site a resource of reliable information for our group.

The annual membership drive is in full swing. As I tell people, “we are not just mechanics anymore”. We as a group design, build and maintain millions of dollars of equipment and infrastructure. The ‘old Plant Ops guy’ has crawled out of the boiler room and now controls big equipment by typing data into a computer. Reach out to your comrades in our field and encourage them to join us in our quest to better the healthcare environment. 

If you or someone you know would like to help plan, organize or be involved with any of the VSHE events, feel free to contact me for information. I am also open to suggestions on topics for quarterly meetings.

~ Joe Auricchio, BS, CHFM
VSHE Central District Chair

 Your Central District Committee Chairs:
District Chair
Joseph Auricchio
VCU Health System
Membership Chair
Chris Nowlin
W. E. Bowman
District Co-Chair
Mark Jacubec
VCU Health System
Program Chair
Scott Armstrong
Old Dominion Insulation
District Chair

Have you renewed your membership yet?  VSHE membership offers great value, educational opportunities, networking with key members of this industry and access to a vast system of healthcare professional.  It touches engineering, regulatory compliance, design developments, state of the art products, innovations and practical solutions.  Furthermore, it is a great conduit for fellowship and long term relations.  As an organization, we have implemented numerous enhancements to our process.  In addition to the May Conference, the Board meets twice a year focusing on member needs, process improvements, succession planning and future objectives. Each district sponsors an event that is shared by internet connections throughout the state.  Hampton Roads presents in August, Blue Ridge in October and Central in January.

We have a lot of exciting initiatives in process. We are always focused on member needs and welcome your ideas and participation.  Please join us, communicate, comment and critique, as we are here to serve you. The VSHE leadership is working on the plans for another great conference in May 2016.

~ Robert Richards
VSHE Hampton Roads District Chair

 Your Hampton Roads District Committee Chairs:
District Chair
Robert Richards, CHFM
Sentara Obici Hospital

Raul Chavez
Sentara Health System

Program Chair
Ross Miller
Rolyn Companies

Membership Chair
Nancy Mitchell-Veeck
Johnson Controls

ASHE Advocacy Chair

The Benefits of ASHE Membership.

As a member of VSHE, we encourage each of you who are not members of ASHE to consider joining. In the complex field of healthcare facilities management there is only one organization that speaks for us in all forums to include certification organizations, CMMS, and Code and Standards organizations: And that is ASHE !!

In addition to advocacy, ASHE also is a leading source of education and certification programs in healthcare facilities. ASHE also conducts two national training sessions each year: (1.) the Planning, Design and Construction Summit in the Spring, and (2.) the Annual Conference in the Summer. These are truly one-stop meetings for all things “healthcare”. Please consider joining this great organization that represents our field.

~ Mark Nicol
ASHE Advocacy Chair

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Advocacy Newsletter
March 2016

Advocacy Highway LogoA new advocacy liaison newsletter is now available. This newsletter contains important updates, information on the latest advocacy developments, and information on upcoming meetings.


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  • Advocacy in Action
    • Reminder: Encourage All Members to Confirm Registration of WMTS Equipment to Protect Patient Safety
    • Focus on Compliance
    • Preparing for the Adoption of NFPA 101, 2012 Edition
  • Meetings, Committees, and Conferences
    • Why You Need to Tell Your Chapters to Plan NOW for the 2017 NFPA Conference
    • ASHRAE Updates
  • Where We Have Been, Where We Are Going

PLEASE NOTE: In order to view the newsletter, you must be logged into the ASHE website.


Communications Chair


VSHE is looking for volunteers to fill the open Board of Directors position of Chairman of the Annual Conference. Three years ago VSHE contracted with Association Builders, a firm specializing in assisting organizations such as VSHE, to help with administrative functions and to organize and manage the annual conference. The position of Conference Chair oversees Association Builders’ effort.

If you are interested, please contact a current board member and we can provide more information.

Please see the link below for the official ballot for elections for 2016-2017 Board of Directors.  

                                       Click here to print Official Ballotvote

​Please submit your ballot to Geoff Pierce, VSHE Secretary @ geoffpierce@excelenergyconsulting.com. At the Annual Conference in May, official ballots will be available at the VSHE Exhibit Booth. Voting ends by noon on May 11, 2016.

~ Lynne Manning
VSHE Communications Chair

 2016-2017 State Board of Directors Nominees are:
Rick Sanders President
Joe Auricchio
Joe Morris State Treasurer
Geoff Pierce State Secretary
Jerry Baker Membership Chair
Conference Chair
Lynne Manning Communications Chair

We strongly recommend that you consider attending the ASHE Planning, Design and Construction Conference taking place in Orlando, Florida on March 12-15, 2017.
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